Of course Hong Kong must be governed by patriots who love Hong Kong (Wanghailou)

  Within one month, all civil servants of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government will take an oath or sign a declaration to uphold the Hong Kong Basic Law, to be loyal to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, to perform their duties and to be responsible to the Special Administrative Region Government.

This move has its due and inevitability, because only on the basis of patriots and Hong Kong governing Hong Kong, can Hong Kong's political atmosphere return to Qingming, and "one country, two systems" can move forward steadily on the right track.

  As an important part of the SAR's governance power, the 180,000 civil servants in Hong Kong bear the huge responsibility of safeguarding the security of the "one country, two systems" system and the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong.

However, during the "Amendment Disturbance", a small number of civil servants in Hong Kong participated in illegal assembly or violent activities, some were arrested and convicted, some disclosed confidential government information or publicly made anti-government remarks, completely betraying the proper conduct of civil servants, triggering Hong Kong Public opinion strongly questioned.

  The launch of the new measures by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government is a timely move to make up for the situation, and it is also a necessary move for administration according to law.

Article 6 of the Hong Kong National Security Law stipulates that residents of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region shall sign documents to confirm or swear to uphold the Basic Law and allegiance to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region when taking up public office. Articles 99 and 104 of the Hong Kong Basic Law also embody the same spirit.

This new regulation is one of the institutional designs to ensure that patriots and Hong Kong patriots govern Hong Kong.

  Upholding the Hong Kong Basic Law, loyalty to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, loyalty to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government and accountability to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government are the consistent responsibilities of civil servants under the Hong Kong Basic Law and the Civil Service Code.

If civil servants cannot even comply with the requirements of swearing allegiance to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and upholding the Basic Law of Hong Kong, even the most basic constitutional basis and constitutional order of Hong Kong must be denied. Obviously, they are not suitable for continuing to serve as civil servants.

  It is not a new thing to require civil servants to take an oath to show that they are responsible to the government and society. It is a common practice in many countries and regions around the world.

The United States, Britain, Germany, Japan and many other countries have clear regulations on the consequences of public servants taking oaths and violating oaths.

After Hong Kong launched this new measure, some Western countries have expressed "concern" and made irresponsible remarks. All kinds of words and deeds only reflect their outright "double standard" and their dark minds of trying to interfere in China's internal affairs through Hong Kong affairs.

  How to understand "supporting Hong Kong Basic Law and loyal to Hong Kong Special Administrative Region"?

As the Hong Kong SAR government official said, if there are civil servants who promote or support "Hong Kong independence", refuse to recognize the state's ownership and exercise of sovereignty over Hong Kong, seek foreign or foreign forces to interfere in the affairs of the Hong Kong SAR, or engage in other affairs that endanger national security. Examples of obvious violations of the oath; civil servants must abide by the law, and must fully support and cooperate with the SAR government in its administration, and must not act to undermine the SAR government's governance and administration.

  A small number of people in Hong Kong oppose the oath of civil servants under the banner of "free speech," but the above-mentioned words and deeds that violate political ethics and laws are clearly outside the scope of freedom of speech protection.

Hong Kong public opinion points out that this kind of argument is nothing more than opening the door for certain people to organize and participate in various anti-government activities in the name of civil servants. The general public in Hong Kong will not accept and recognize it.

  There should be boundaries and standards for Hong Kong people to govern Hong Kong, that is, Hong Kong people with patriots as the main body must govern Hong Kong.

Compatriots in Hong Kong need to understand the meaning of this conclusion.

This is because only by ensuring that those who love the country and Hong Kong govern Hong Kong and those who oppose China and disrupt Hong Kong are out of the game, and only by ensuring that Hong Kong civil servants have the heart to perform their duties, the SAR government can effectively govern and lead Hong Kong into the overall development of the country, and Hong Kong will have a better tomorrow.

  (Author: Wang Ping)