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In view of the many negative reactions on social networks,

Le Monde


The daily apologized on Tuesday for having disseminated a cartoon of humor on the subject of incest, assuring that it should "not have been published".

Transphobia accusations

This drawing by Xavier Gorce, which appeared in a newspaper newsletter, showed a young penguin asking a fellow creature: "if I have been abused by the adopted half-brother of my transgender father's partner who has become my mother, is it a incest?


On the networks, Internet users have denounced a form of transphobia and accused the designer of making fun of the victims of incest.

"This drawing can indeed be read as a relativization of the gravity of the acts of incest, in inappropriate terms vis-à-vis victims and transgender people", underlined the director of

Le Monde

, Caroline Monnot, in a message published on the daily's website.

Le Monde would like

 to apologize for this error to the readers who may have been shocked by it," she added, recalling in passing "our commitment, illustrated by numerous articles in recent months, for a better taking into account, by society and by the courts, acts of incest ”and“ strict equality of treatment between all persons ”.


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