Online investment, impersonating customer service, and online transactions are high-income fraud types.

  Be careful!

Don't fall into the trap of online fraud (Online China)

  Is it possible to pay for a part-time job without leaving the house and earn money every day?

The netizen you just met told you to invest and make money to buy a house?

With the rapid development of the Internet industry, informatization and big data have brought great convenience to people, but they are also coveted by criminals.

Nowadays, online fraud shows the characteristics of grouping, cross-border, precision, and diversification, and there are many new methods of fraud.

So, what are the common routines of online fraud?

How to distinguish and avoid?

  Don't fall into the "killing pig dish" scam

  "After investing more than 500,000 yuan, I can't contact him anymore." Looking at the long transfer slip, Ms. Liu suddenly realized that she was undoubtedly caught in the trap of "killing pigs".

  A few months ago, 30-year-old Ms. Liu met "Gao Fu Shuai" Chen on a dating website, and the two quickly established a romantic relationship.

One month later, Chen asked Ms. Liu to remit money to an investment platform on the grounds of making money together to buy a house.

Ms. Liu said that at the beginning, she just invested a few thousand dollars to "try the water". After getting the profit and withdrawing cash, she became more and more courageous, which eventually led to "annihilation of the entire army."

  Ms. Liu’s situation is not uncommon.

Killing pigs refers to a form of telecommunication fraud that fraudsters use the Internet to make friends and induce victims to invest in gambling.

According to the investigation, the "killing pig dish" type of dating scam is a high-incidence online fraud in recent years.

Experts from the security team of the Tencent Guardian Program said that in the "killing pig pan" fraud, the victims suffered the most, and women were the main victims.

  It is understood that the "killing pig plate" fraud process is generally like this: the fraud gang determines the appropriate target profile and platform during the "finding pig" process, cultivates feelings through "pig raising", and finally sets up fraudulent money and induces deletion Complete the "killing pig" after the steps of evidence, blacked out, deleted, and account changed.

  "From a legal point of view, in the trilogy of'finding pigs-raising pigs-killing pigs', the perpetrators may constitute illegal crimes." Guo Zhilong, a researcher at the Cyber ​​Law Institute of China University of Political Science and Law, suggested that we should strengthen the awareness of prevention and be cautious. Make friends, keep a high level of vigilance against behaviors involving investment and financial management, avoid paying money without verification of identity, and defend your rights in a timely manner through civil litigation after being defrauded.

  Brighten your eyes and identify "routines"

  In recent years, online fraud crimes have continued to occur at a high rate. The low cost of committing crimes and the super concealment determined by the characteristics of remote non-contact, combined with the update and iteration of fraud methods, have made online frauds full of tricks.

  According to the survey, the three high-incidence types of online fraud in December 2020 are online investment, impersonating customer service, and online transactions.

There are endless cases of lawbreakers pretending to be "old acquaintances", superiors, customer service personnel, etc. to defraud trust and finally implement fraud.

Experts from the security team of Tencent's Guardian Program said that due to the continuous and rapid expansion of China's online shopping market, which has increased the number of online shopping users, the level of reported transaction fraud ranks first, and related shopping rebates and part-time fraud have increased slightly.

  Affected by the epidemic, some people have the need to earn extra money. Many “part-time job” recruitments that “do not leave home and earn money every day” appear on the Internet.

Often, after the victim advances the funds, they cannot wait for the money to be returned.

College students with relatively weak awareness of prevention, "bao mothers", and unemployed persons are the main targets of part-time fraud.

  In addition, with the rise of various short video apps, while platforms are bringing entertainment to people's lives, various illegal and criminal acts are also flooding them.

The main types of high-incidence cases that occurred on the short video platform include order fraud, loan fraud, investment and wealth management fraud, and false prize winning fraud.

  Since 2020, public security agencies across the country have continued to crack down on criminal activities of telecommunications network fraud, cracking a total of 256,000 cases of telecommunications network fraud, arresting 263,000 criminal suspects, intercepting 140 million fraudulent calls and 870 million fraudulent text messages, directly serving the masses. Avoid economic losses of 120 billion yuan.

  Experts remind that, regardless of age, all men and women can become "prey" for criminals.

Internet fraud methods spread, update, and spread like the evolution of "viruses". In the information age, we need to keep our eyes open, identify "routines", and further strengthen our awareness of prevention and discrimination.

  Learn to guard against being fooled

  Internet scams have repeatedly succeeded, and netizens have suffered greatly.

Some organizations have summarized the "five essentials and five nos" precautionary formulas: be alert and not careless about unfamiliar calls; check online information and be not credulous; suspicious links must be cautious and not messy; fund transfers must be verified and not rushed; if you are cheated Call the police, don't hesitate.

  "Netizens should have a certain understanding of common fraud routines such as'killing pigs','selling tea girls', online ordering, and fake customer service, and avoid fraud traps." Guo Zhilong suggested that in the virtual world of the Internet, netizens should be protected Good personal privacy and prevent personal information leakage.

When shopping online, try to go to the website opened by a reputable company or a website with a credit system and safety guarantees. Before shopping, you can check the industry and commerce information through the official website of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau. Once you find that you have been cheated, you should immediately call 110 and report to the police. Reported by the agency.

  At the same time, network security companies, public security agencies and network supervision departments should also strengthen the investigation and crackdown on network fraud crimes.

For example, website platforms involved in online fraud should also take the initiative to strengthen personal information identification systems, real-time monitoring, and maximize user safety.

The use of "anti-virus software" is also very important. Netizens should check and kill viruses regularly and repair the raging and harmful loopholes in time to prevent online fraud.

  Experts pointed out that cyber fraud has the characteristics of non-contact, large time and space span, high technical content, strong professionalism, etc., and there are many criminal links and many subjects involved. The public security organs should improve the investigation work mechanism, strengthen their own investigation and case handling capabilities, and extend the investigation of gangs. "Upstream", implement the whole chain of strikes to protect the personal and property safety of citizens.