Outgoing President Donald Trump said goodbye to the American people in a nearly 20-minute speech on Tuesday.

In it, he emphasizes his pride in the fact that, as the first president in decades, he "has not started a new war," something he had promised during his presidential campaign.

He also wishes the future government success and says he pray for his successor.

In his speech, the American president talks about the things he has achieved over the past four years.

For example, he says that he has made the United States the largest economy ever and he reflects on the historic peace deals in the Middle East.

"We did what was expected of us and much more," Trump said.

Trump also reiterates earlier criticisms of other NATO member states, which he believes are underpaying for their common security.

"Thanks to my administration, we have regained US sovereignty, NATO members have increased their contribution. (...) We have withdrawn from unilateral deals that were not in our interest."

Trump is also proud of the hard course he has taken against China.

Finally, Trump also pays attention to the storming of the Capitol on January 6.

According to him, all Americans were shocked by the attack on the parliament building.

"Political violence is an attack on everything we believe in. It can never be tolerated."

He calls - just like a week ago - for unity.

In his entire speech, he never mentions the name of the upcoming Democratic president Joe Biden.


Washington turned into fortress day before inauguration

Trump is breaking with tradition;

not present at inauguration

Trump and his wife Melania are not attending Biden's inauguration in Washington on Wednesday.

He thus breaks with a long tradition.

Since President Andrew Johnson (1865-1869), every outgoing president has attended the inauguration of his successor.

Trump plans to leave the US capital on Wednesday morning.

A 'big' farewell party is being held at the nearby Andrews AFB airbase.

Major absentee is Vice President Mike Pence, who, unlike Trump, is at Biden's inauguration.

The relationship between the two has cooled considerably since Pence refused to thwart Biden's election victory.

Pence posted a farewell to Twitter on Tuesday with several photos.

None of them featured Trump.

Melania Trump, the wife of President Donald Trump, said goodbye to the American people as first lady on Monday.

In a speech lasting more than six minutes, she called her role "the greatest honor of her life" and said the last four years were unforgettable.