On January 19, the Shanghai Second Intermediate People's Court conducted a second instance of Zheng Shuang's v. Zhang Heng's private lending dispute, and neither Zheng Shuang nor Zhang Heng appeared.

  On November 12, 2019, the court of first instance accepted the case in which the plaintiff Zheng Shuang sued the defendant Zhang Heng for a private loan dispute.

The plaintiff requested to order the defendant to return the loan of RMB 20 million and pay corresponding overdue interest.

On November 9, 2020, the court of first instance decided to support all the claims of the plaintiff Zheng Shuang.

After the judgment of the first instance, the defendant Zhang Heng refused to accept and appealed to the Shanghai Second Intermediate People's Court, requesting the rejection of all Zheng Shuang's claims or remand for retrial.

  According to Zhou Jun, Zhang Heng’s attorney, it was reported that Zhang Heng borrowed usury in the name of Zheng Shuang. This was a fiction. There was indeed a capital exchange between the two. Zheng Shuang thought it was a loan relationship, Zhang Heng thought it was not. Disputes arise.

Zhang Hengfang hopes that the court will retrial or revise the sentence, but Zheng Shuangfang did not agree to mediation in court.

(Xu Mingrui)

Editor in charge: [Lu Yan]