Socks for everyone (Illustration) -

Canva / Illustration

For or against "slide-socks"?

Well, it's true that winter is not open to debate.

But the sock is still the coolest accessory to wear in any season.

Sometimes visible, sometimes invisible, high tops or socks, they are ideal to enhance your everyday outfits.

With the right duo, anything is possible.

We dare the burger patterns with fries or fruits and vegetables, we brandish funny or strong messages, without forgetting the checkerboards, geometric shapes, flowers, zany portraits, brands ... etc., which do not give morale in the socks .

And if we find one orphaned by its twin, we don't drop it like an old sock.

We assume the mismatch.

It also makes the pair well.

Rising, low to the ankles, patterned… Send us your best photos of original socks using the form below.

We will distribute them on all of our publications.


Montpellier: A brand of mismatched socks to no longer take the lead in the morning


Saint-Malo: Josette & Tic solidarity socks are changing their size

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