Ferry Doedens




Tuesday evening

about the decision to start an account on OnlyFans, the payment platform on which he shares explicit images of himself.

The actor and singer says that he felt there was no turning back when it was revealed that he is active on the platform.

Doedens created the account because he says he is "a curious type".

"I often want to push the boundaries and I can earn a lot of money with it."

At that time, the actor had been fired from

Good Times, Bad Times

and was looking for another source of income.

"I didn't have a plan and I just have a lease that continues."

Doedens therefore decided to create an account on OnlyFans and put a sexual video on it under his own name.

He blocked Dutch users, among others, to prevent them from seeing the images.

The images leaked through a detour and Doedens received messages from acquaintances who confirmed this to him.

The actor then created a profile under a different name, under which he is still active.

"I saw the number of subscribers go up. I talked about it with friends and I panicked a little bit. But then I thought: there is no going back, let me do something with it."

'Can live well'

Doedens now says he has "quite fun" maintaining his account.

"It's lucrative, I can live on it. We used to have the famous Dutch in


, this is basically the same."

He understands people who say that Doedens fell because of this.

"But it has nothing to do with my acting, or who I am. I hope people can unplug that in the future."

For now, the actor and singer will continue to share videos on his OnlyFans account, but he also hopes to be able to pick up his acting career again.

"I definitely want to continue acting, but also singing. I understand that for most people the door is closed, but maybe it will open again in two years."