client, Beijing, January 20th (Reporter Li Jinlei) In the past two days, "big tricks" that encourage local Chinese New Year have turned into hot searches.

These places really send money

  500 yuan consumption voucher per person staying in Yiwu for the New Year, free parking for buses in Yiwu City during the Spring Festival, and free admission to scenic spots during the Spring Festival in Yiwu...

  On the 18th, with the announcement of a Chinese-English bilingual advocacy announcement in Yiwu, a series of hard-core and heart-warming measures to retain people during the New Year in Yiwu immediately received many hot searches and won praises from many netizens. And envy.

Notice of Yiwu New Type Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters.

  According to the announcement, Yiwu has distributed Spring Festival gift packages to people who celebrate the local Chinese New Year: 20G free data, free public cultural venues and facilities, it is recommended that landlords reduce rent for more than half a month, exempt outpatient and emergency registration fees, 50% off health checkups, and stay in Yiwu Children of personnel can participate in winter camp activities for free, and normal business catering units, convenience stores, express delivery outlets, etc. can apply for subsidies ranging from 2,000 yuan to 100,000 yuan.

  On the same day, there were also Hangzhou “non-Zhejiang migrant workers who stayed in Hangzhou for the New Year can receive 1,000 yuan”.

Hangzhou City issued the "Notice on Carrying out the "Ten Sending" Care Action for Migrant Workers in Hangzhou during the Spring Festival, and launching the "Sending Red Packets" action.

For those migrant workers in Hangzhou who are not registered in Zhejiang and pay social security in Hangzhou during the Spring Festival, a cash subsidy of 1,000 yuan ("Red Packet in Hangzhou") will be issued to eligible migrant workers in Hangzhou through enterprise declarations. One-click direct access to the bank accounts of migrant workers in Hangzhou.

  Tianjin has recently introduced 7 measures to support non-local employees staying in Tianjin for the holidays.

For all types of enterprises that arrange for employees from other provinces and cities to stay in Tianjin for the holidays, the number of employees from other provinces and cities who have been in Tianjin based on their stable employment, legally participating in insurance and payment, and the number of employees who have been in Tianjin shall adopt the method of "first send and then make up". The standard of 300 yuan will give enterprises a one-time stable employment subsidy, with a maximum of 300,000 yuan per enterprise.

The subsidy funds obtained by the enterprise shall be used in full and in full for the distribution of “retention red envelopes” for employees with registered permanent residence in other provinces and cities.

  Quanzhou City, Fujian Province issued 200 RMB New Year red envelopes to non-Quanzhou enterprise union members who stayed in Liuquan during the New Year; Fenghua District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province issued 500 RMB “cash red envelopes” to migrant workers in private enterprises staying in Fenghua during the New Year; Huzhou, Zhejiang Wuxing District will issue a red envelope of 1,000 yuan per person to employees who stay in Wu during the Spring Festival at the construction site...

  Not only in these cities, more and more places are proposing to spend the Chinese New Year on the spot, and at the same time they spend real money, do everything possible to keep people, keep people with posts, keep people with salary, keep people with love, and strive to make it work in other places. People feel the warmth from a foreign land.

  The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and other seven departments have also issued notices recently. From January 21st to the end of March, a special action of “Welcoming the New Year and Bringing Warmth and Stabilizing Jobs to Retaining Workers” will be carried out nationwide to encourage enterprises to take advantage of the actual production and operation to issue red envelopes, New Year’s gift packages, arrangements for cultural and entertainment activities, etc., ensure wages, vacations and other benefits are guaranteed to attract employees to celebrate the New Year on the spot and take vacations in the company.

Check-in hall of Harbin Airport.

Qiu Jianshe

Many people choose to celebrate on the spot

  At the same time, various hardcore slogans that encourage local Chinese New Year are also on fire.

  "Going out is risky, and the wallet will be flat; staying in the company during the new year will not reduce the family relationship." "Are you forced to marry? Are you blinded? How to relieve your worries, you can only stay behind." "Rather than go home and isolate for 14 days, it is better to stay for more. Earn four or five thousand." "Stay in the local area for a year without causing trouble to your family."

  Last year, the head of the Henan village who used a loudspeaker to talk about epidemic prevention came again. This year he said: "This year, we will not urge marriage, birth, or urge children to run home."

  "Safety leads to reunion." From top to bottom, with so many initiatives to encourage in-situ Chinese New Year, as well as painstaking persuasion, many people responded to the call and chose to celebrate the new year in-place. The sense of Chinese New Year's ritual" has been on the hot search.

  "As long as there are parents, home is everywhere! This year is the New Year at work, and I often talk to home on the phone, and then prepare a table of dishes and video!"

  "Celebrate the New Year on the spot, don't mess up the prevention and control work in your hometown! Don't risk your own life safety! It is to take care of the overall situation and protect yourself!"

  "Resolutely cooperate with the country's epidemic prevention, celebrate the New Year on the spot, and wait until the epidemic has passed before going out. Of course, you have to live the New Year on the spot. Buy something delicious and drink yourself and walk away!"

  Some changes under the New Year in situ

  The passenger flow of the railway is declining.

According to the public information of the 2021 National Spring Festival Transport Video and Telephone Conference held on January 15, the pre-sale of tickets before the Spring Festival has dropped by nearly 60% compared with the same period in previous years. It is expected that the national railway passenger flow during the Spring Festival will be reduced to 296 million.

Previously, it was expected to send 407 million passengers.

From the perspective of civil aviation, it is expected that the number of passengers traveling by civil aviation during the Spring Festival this year will be significantly lower than normal.

  Ticket prices dived.

According to the data provided by to reporters from, unlike in previous years, many people chose to celebrate the New Year on the spot.

Although the Spring Festival train tickets have been on sale, there has not been a significant increase in traffic bookings during the Spring Festival. The ticket purchase situation for many popular train lines and routes is far less tense than in previous years.

During the Spring Festival this year, the average price paid for outbound air tickets reached 843.79 yuan, 165 yuan cheaper than the same period last year.

  The semi-finished, single-person New Year's Eve dinner is hot.

The search volume of "New Year's Eve dinner" on a food delivery app has increased four times compared with last year. Under the general trend of in-situ Chinese New Year, more convenient semi-finished New Year's Eve dinner and set meals suitable for 1 to 2 people will be better To meet the needs of young consumers in first- and second-tier cities.

  Would you choose to celebrate the New Year in situ?