, January 18, according to the WeChat official account of the Heilongjiang Higher People’s Court, on the morning of January 18, the Heilongjiang Forest District Intermediate People’s Court opened a trial in accordance with the law to hear the defendant Wu Deren’s intentional homicide and the plaintiff filed a criminal incident In a civil lawsuit, the verdict was pronounced in court.

Defendant Wu Deren was convicted of intentional homicide, sentenced to death and deprived of political rights for life; Defendant Wu Deren compensated the plaintiff in the attached civil lawsuit for various economic losses totaling RMB 653,108.

Image source: WeChat public account of Heilongjiang Higher People's Court

  The Intermediate People's Court of the Forest District of Heilongjiang Province found out that the defendant Wu Deren and Guan Moumou were married, and they had two children.

On July 8, 2020, Guan Moumou filed a lawsuit with the People’s Court of Shuangcheng District, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province on the grounds that Wu Deren frequently committed domestic violence against him and that the relationship between his husband and wife had broken down, requesting a judgment to divorce him and Wu Deren and the husband and wife. Property is divided.

The case was tried by the victim Hao Jian (male, 56 years old), the person in charge of the Zhou Family Court of the People's Court of Shuangcheng District.

  When the case was heard in court, Guan submitted the housing ownership certificate and collective land use right certificate under Wu Deren's name to the court as evidence to prove the joint property of the husband and wife, and demanded that the above certificates should not be given to Wu Deren.

On September 17 of the same year, the Shuangcheng District People’s Court made a first-instance judgment: Wu Deren and Guan Moumou were allowed to divorce; Guan Moumou and Wu Deren’s family property valued at 160,000 yuan and a house was owned by Wu Deren, and Wu Deren paid Guan Moumou’s house discount 8 Ten thousand yuan; the family's joint debt is 100,000 yuan, and Guan Xum and Wu Deren each bear 50,000 yuan; Wu Deren pays 200,000 yuan for the pig-raising income of Guan Xumou.

After the verdict, Wu Deren refused to accept it and appealed to the Harbin Intermediate People's Court. He was dissatisfied with the judge, Hao Jian.

Wu Deren requested the court of second instance to revise his decision to pay Guan XX a house discount of 60,000 yuan; Guan XX should bear the family's joint debt of 70,000 yuan; Guan XX should not be given 200,000 yuan of pig income.

Later, Wu Deren and his son Wu Chenglin asked Hao Jian for a real estate certificate.

Since the judgment of the first instance has not yet taken effect and the real estate certificate was submitted by Guan XX, Hao Jian did not agree and told him that he must wait for the second instance to be paid before he could pay. Wu Deren resented Hao Jianxin.

  On the morning of November 13th of the same year, Wu Deren took a sharp knife from his home after drinking and asked for a real estate certificate from Hao Jian in the Zhou Family Court. After being rejected, Wu Deren was dissatisfied and punched Hao Jian and was dissuaded.

Wu Deren waited for the end of Hao Jian's trial in the Zhou family court hall, and again asked Hao Jian for the property certificate. The two entered the court guard room. Wu Deren stabbed Hao Jian in the chest with a sharp knife. When he wanted to continue the stabbing, he was stopped by others and was rushed there. Captured by public security officers.

Hao Jian was rescued by medical staff in the courtroom and died of blood loss due to lung and pulmonary artery damage caused by a single-bladed stabbing in the chest.

Wu Deren's deliberate homicide caused economic losses to the plaintiff in the attached civil lawsuit, death compensation and funeral expenses totaling RMB 653,108.

  During the trial, the court organized both the prosecution and the defense to conduct court investigations and court debates. The defendant Wu Deren made a final statement.

The public prosecution agency believes that this case is a particularly serious crime and a particularly bad social impact. Defendant Wu Deren committed murder in court, wantonly infringing on the life rights of defenders of the rule of law, contempt and provoking legal authority, and must be punished severely in accordance with the law, and it is recommended to be sentenced Wu Deren was sentenced to death.

Wu Deren and his designated defender defended on the grounds that Wu Deren had surrendered himself, was not subjectively malignant, and his behavior constituted the crime of intentional injury.

After the adjournment, the collegiate panel reviewed the case and reported it to the adjudication committee to issue a judgment in court.

  The Heilongjiang Forest District Intermediate People's Court held that the defendant Wu Deren deliberately and illegally deprived others of their lives and caused the death of one person. His actions constituted the crime of intentional homicide.

The facts of the case are clear, the evidence is credible and sufficient, and the prosecution agency charged the crime.

The defense opinions of Wu Deren and the designated defender lack factual and legal basis and cannot be established.

Due to civil litigation activities, Wu Deren was dissatisfied with the behavior of people’s judges in performing their duties in accordance with the law. He prepared tools for committing crimes, blatantly killed people’s judges with a knife, provoked the judicial system, despised judicial authority, trampled on the dignity of the country’s laws, seriously endangered social fairness and justice, and caused bad social impact. His motives for committing the crime are despicable, the subjective malignancy is extremely deep, the social harm is extremely serious, and the consequences are extremely serious. They should be severely punished in accordance with the law, and the economic losses caused to the plaintiff in the attached civil lawsuit should be compensated in accordance with the law.

So the above judgment was made.

  The victim, the defendant's family and some people attended the trial.