It began with "Amazing Summer" and embodies the character of the "smart Zakia" heroine.

Meera Al Naqbi: Superheroes are the ones who serve their country and society

Emirati child Meera Ibrahim Al Naqbi reveals an ambitious figure seeking to hone her talents and leave an imprint in the media field in the country.

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From the stage of "Modhesh World" to the superhero character "Zakia", the Emirati child, Meera Ibrahim Al Naqbi, reveals an ambitious figure who seeks to sharpen her talents and leave an imprint in the field of media in the country.

She expressed her hope that in the future she would become an astronaut or an aviation engineer, especially since she believes that superheroes are the ones who serve their country and society wholeheartedly.

Al-Naqbi, who is 13 years old and teaches in the eighth grade in the elite track, told Emirates Today that her participation in a workshop at the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center opened the door for her to go through many new experiences with her, through what she gained from participating in This workshop was a refinement of her personality and motivation for her ambitions, as she applied to participate in the selection tests for the announcers of the "Amazing Summer" program in 2019, and she was actually chosen, after she passed two interviews and experienced a live performance on stage.

The beginning of "Amazing Summer"

She added: “During my experience in (Amazing Summer), I acquired many qualities and experiences that contributed to the development of my abilities and refinement of my personality, as it is my first experience of standing on stage and facing the audience directly, as I became more daring and courageous and the ability to communicate with others, and overcome a fear Facing a large audience, as well as gaining experience in dealing with sudden situations that may occur during the live broadcast, such as a situation I was exposed to when my microphone stopped working while I was speaking on stage, and other emergency and funny situations.

Noting that she, along with her colleagues who participated in the program’s presentation, obtained the necessary training from the work team, which helped her succeed in that experience.

Science and drawing

Meera Al-Naqbi, who loves studying science and drawing, and embarking on new adventures and challenges, indicated that her success in her experience with “Amazing Summer” allowed her to go through other experiences in the field of media, so she participated in presenting two international events, the first is the First Global Global Robotics Challenge. During which she conducted interviews with participants from different countries over a period of three days, and the second was the closing ceremony of the Sharjah International Film Festival for Children and Youth, and presented it in Arabic and English. She also presented the “Miftah” program, which is a competition program for school students.

«Zakia Smart»

Meera Al-Naqbi described her choice to present the vocal performance of the character "Smart Zakia", the first superhero in Majid's world, as a new and different leap in her career, as she acquired a new skill besides the skill of direct presentation in front of the audience, which is the ability to perform with voice only and express various emotions. And reactions through him, which is more difficult than acting in front of the cameras, because facial features play a large role in conveying the actor's emotions.

Noting that she had performed personality tests “remotely” due to the “Covid 19” pandemic, especially that she resides in Sharjah, and after she was selected, the program’s team would send her a script for several episodes for her to train with, then she would go to record it all at once.

Al-Naqbi considered that the superheroes are those who work to change their societies for the better, and to help those around them.

Pointing out that what she admires most about the personality of "Zakia" is her intelligence and her eagerness to help others.

She added: “At the beginning of recording episodes, I was feeling fear and anxiety, but with time, thanks to the support of the staff and the training they gave me on vocal performance, it became easier.

The encouragement and support of my father, mother and three siblings was also a strong motivation for me to succeed. ”

Meaningful content

Meera Al-Naqbi is keen to present various content through social media, through her accounts on "Instagram" and "YouTube", explaining that she deals with social networking sites as a space through which to highlight her true personality.

Adding: "I like to focus on positive examples, and to introduce myself spontaneously, in a way that makes my family feel proud of me in front of everyone."

Noting that she participates with her followers, her adventures and trips to different places within the country, the books she reads, as well as part of the volunteer work in which she participates to encourage them to participate in this field, and other workshops, such as a workshop she presented on content industry, in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Youth.

During the "Covid-19" pandemic, and the precautionary measures that followed, it cooperated with various parties to photograph educational excerpts addressing children of her age, explaining to them how to use the period of stay at home in a positive way, and what activities they can do at home.


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- Meera shares her adventures, trips, and books she reads with her followers.

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