If the government wants to accelerate the vaccination campaign against the coronavirus, the health authorities are concerned about the mistrust that remains important among caregivers.

"Hospital workers are the image of the entire population. They have the same fears," confides a nursing assistant to Europe 1. 

Despite the acceleration of the vaccination campaign against the coronavirus in recent days, should we expect to reach a ceiling in the coming weeks, especially among caregivers?

This is what the health authorities fear, because many staff have so far chosen not to be vaccinated.

In hospitals, vaccination is in all discussions, and skeptics are still very present.

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Coronavirus: follow the evolution of the situation Monday January 18

Around Antoine, a nursing assistant in a Parisian hospital, all his colleagues have chosen not to be vaccinated, but refuse to comment on the subject.

Antoine, he puts forward a first argument.

"With the very high turnover in our hospitals, the hospital staff are increasingly young and do not feel a priority in terms of vaccination," he said. 

"The lack of perspective from the vaccine"

Faced with the vaccine, there are big disparities depending on the profession.

During the 2019 flu vaccination campaign, 70% of doctors had chosen to receive the injection, against 40% of nurses and only 20% of nursing assistants. 

A skepticism which does not surprise Antoine.

"The main argument is the lack of perspective from the vaccine. It is something that is not fixed and can evolve," analyzes the caregiver.

And to conclude: "You have to understand that the hospital workers are the image of the entire population. They have the same fears."


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In the hospitals and regional health agencies contacted by Europe 1, the subject is in any case taken very seriously.

"We need a general boost around vaccination", thus entrusts Europe 1 a hospital director in Marseille.

"If our caregivers use all four irons on the brakes, it's not going to help."