President Kazuaki Hasegawa of JR West has announced that he will consider whether to re-execute the "temporary return" to temporarily take a rest from employees as the number of railway users continues to decrease significantly. did.

In JR West, the number of users of the Sanyo Shinkansen and Hokuriku Shinkansen for the first two weeks of this month has decreased significantly, with the number of users remaining at 29% of the same period last year.

In response to this, President Hasegawa of JR West said at an online press conference on the 18th, "The management itself is an emergency and we have to cut all costs. Temporary leave can be considered as one method." , He expressed his intention to consider whether to take a temporary leave to temporarily take a rest from employees, following May last year.

In response to the decrease in railway users, JR Central has announced that it will temporarily take a temporary leave of 400 people per day from the 25th of this month.

In addition, in order to secure a new source of revenue, JR West has decided to start a new so-called "consolidated cargo-passenger loading" business that transports local agricultural products by passenger train from the end of this month on the Shinkansen and conventional lines.