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This Monday evening again, it is impossible to visit the website of the city of Angers… And for good reason: since Friday evening, the town hall of Angers and its community of agglomeration Angers Loire metropolis have been taken by storm by a cyberattack.

On the night of Friday to Saturday a cyber attack targeted the information system of the city of Angers and the metropolis.

The diagnosis concluded with a rancongrel-type attack which struck La Rochelle, Aix Marseille, Vincennes, ADEME ... in the recent past.

#Angers pic.twitter.com/18oxbTodk7

- City of Angers (@Angers) January 17, 2021

It all started on Friday evening with the social networks of Mayor Christophe Béchu.

A tattooed hand replaced the portrait photo of the city councilor on Twitter.

A first cyberattack followed by another on Saturday.

The Twitter account of the Mayor of # Angers, Christophe BÉCHU was hacked on Friday January 15 at 11:30 p.m.

From this day, all the contents and messages come from a usurper and are in no way published, sent or commented by Christophe BÉCHU or his team.

- City of Angers (@Angers) January 16, 2021

The latter has paralyzed municipal library services and all city hall sites, such as the Angers.fr site.

This Monday morning, the conservatory could neither receive nor send emails.

What happened ?

"From a computer or a device connected to the city network, a person would have opened, unintentionally (or not) an attachment containing malicious software", explains the newspaper



Once they get their hands on community data, hackers demand a ransom.

// Cyberattack //

Following the cyberattacks of which @Angers was the victim, our computer system is paralyzed.

We can neither join nor be reached by email.

Our school remains open until 5.30 p.m., and administrative services can only be reached by phone.


- Angers Conservatory (@CRR_Angers) January 18, 2021


also indicates that this cyberattack could come from Turkish hackers.

Information not confirmed by the town hall of Angers.

This Monday, the town hall chose not to communicate officially.

During the agglomeration council which takes place this Monday evening, Christophe Béchu should explain himself on what happened.

"The restoration process will be long and impact the services rendered to Angevins requiring the use of computers, which will therefore be in degraded mode for several days," warned the city of Angers.


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