"Weird, did you say weird?"

»1001 curiosities of the French language

Audio 29:00

Françoise NORE, linguist © Vivianne Nore

By: Pascal Paradou

30 mins

Do you know any words that don't rhyme with any other?

Did you know that verbs like "Espardre", "fer" or "imboire" had completely disappeared from the French language but had left behind small adjectives that you necessarily use?

Have you ever heard these earthy expressions such as “To do a thing to skin-ass” “To have your eyes sheltered from the wind” The French language is full of curiosities, Françoise NORE, translator and linguist has compiled them in a collection.


Guest: Françoise NORE,

linguist, translator and author of

Bizarre, vous dit bizarre

(éditions de l'Opportun)

And the

Chronicle Ailleurs


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