We had not yet recovered from the Christmas excesses when Filomena arrived to, after the brief mirage of happiness on the powder snow, freeze the streets, our bodies and even good resolutions.

On this slope of January steeper and icier than ever, Natalia de la Vega and Aitor Ocio, founders of Tacha (Madrid) and Clínica Henao (Bilbao), respectively, offer us their

recommendations to recover

from the ravages of Christmas and fight low temperatures.

Faithful to the shared philosophy that led them to seal, at the end of 2020, a

powerful alliance

that has revolutionized the wellness and beauty sector in Spain, both De la Vega and Ocio are committed, above all, to "the adoption of certain habits healthy lifestyles, based on a balanced diet, regular physical activity and adequate rest ".


Resentful after the sugar, alcohol and fat festival, our skin today is the reflection of yesterday's Christmas excesses: "We have

more puffy eyes, more marked dark circles, the odd

pimple and we have lost our luminosity", says Natalia de the Vega.

Our priority, at this time more than ever, is to '

reset' our body from the inside so that that recovered well-being is reflected on the outside

: "We must take good care of what we eat and drink a lot of water, infusions, etc. to

help the body eliminate toxins

, a mission that can also be reinforced by draining massages in our centers ", he explains.

The threat of the pandemic and the extreme cold mean that this is not the time to follow strict diets but to 'cleanse' ourselves and boost our immune system.

"We must eliminate sugars, alcohol and flours and incorporate

legumes, vegetables, fruits, healthy proteins

and cook without fat."

De la Vega also advises "to take hyaluronic acid, collagen and supplement (we recommend the products of doctors Nigma Talib or Barbara Sturm)".

And on the outside, what do we do to remove the trace of excesses from our skin?

The founder of Tacha gives us her recipes: "It is convenient to undergo

treatments that help us detoxify, double exfoliations

(such as that of Dr. Barbara Sturm that, with a combination of mechanical and enzymatic exfoliating, helps to eliminate impurities, close the pore and brighten the skin) ".


De la Vega reminds us that, in the cold, the skin needs

more hydration


"We must apply a good serum of hyaluronic acid and, on top, a richer cream".

The serum, he explains, has "the particularity that, thanks to its nanoparticles, it manages to introduce the active ingredients into the deepest layers of the skin, while the creams act more on the surface."

To combat

skin redness, it

is advisable to always carry "a moisturizing cream or spray with you and spray it frequently on your face to hydrate it (nothing happens if you put on makeup). We love Dra's Hydrating Face Mist. Barbara Sturm. And of course, with this sun reflecting off the snow, we cannot forget a good protection factor so as not to burn ourselves, "says De la Vega.

As it is a very delicate area due to the fineness of the skin,

the eye contour must be

protected in a very special way, "applying (even several times a day) a good contour and even spraying the face with a moisturizing mist that gives us elasticity and helps us avoid dryness ".

It is also essential to use "a good lipstick; we like Diamond Extreme Lip Booster by Natura Bissé".

The hands also suffer greatly from the cold.

In addition to protecting them with gloves, De la Vega is committed to "Margaret Dabbs' cream that has a spectacular quality / price ratio and that, in addition, will help us to alleviate the effects of hydroalcoholic gels".

When you get home, to

counteract the dryness and tightness caused by the cold

, it is convenient "to use moisturizing masks that help us reestablish the normal hydration level."


Aitor Ocio emphasizes

the extraordinary value of a good physical condition as a guarantor of health and well-being


"It is essential that

we move as much as we can in our daily lives and incorporate some physical activity into our weekly routines


If, due to the holidays or the cold storm, we have been forced to reduce or abandon our training sessions, the former footballer advises us to resume them as soon as possible but with good sense: "

Reincorporation must be progressive

to avoid possible injuries or overloads. After a couple of weeks of gradual work, we would be ready to go back to training with the same intensity we had been doing before the Christmas break. "

Putting yourself in the hands of a qualified professional who designs a

personalized training plan for us

based on "

our age, physical condition or goals

" is, in the opinion of the founder of Clínica Henao and TheFit Sports (Bilbao), the first step we must take if we aspire to make a qualitative leap in our state of form: "There is no ideal routine that works for everyone. This is a tailored suit, whose design is determined by different factors," he points out.

What is unquestionable is that "the

most effective routines

are, without a doubt, the most realistic, that is, those that

adapt to the requirements of our professional agenda and personal life

, facilitating both compliance and maintenance over time. ".

Setting challenges can be a great incentive to persevere and even improve, but always with your feet on the ground.

"Trying to set goals that are too ambitious, aspiring to emulate unattainable role models, or training solely for aesthetic purposes can lead us headlong to frustration and abandonment."

As long as the weather conditions allow us to train outdoors, Aitor Ocio emphasizes the importance of "using the

right equipment

to protect ourselves from the cold, especially appropriate footwear, thermal clothing, a hat and gloves".

Staying home because of the snow or ice is not an excuse to stop training: "We can take advantage of it to work on the mobility of our joints, flexibility and, using our body weight or elastic bands, for example, tone our muscles."

In this way, he continues, we will be able to "maintain an optimal state of form that will allow us to resume our usual routines more easily and quickly."

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