The TV registration of Brigitte Kaandorp's cabaret performance


attracted about 1,009,000 viewers on Saturday evening.

The show, which was broadcast on SBS6, comes fourteenth on the list of most viewed programs.

This is evident from figures from Stichting KijkOnderzoek.

Last Saturday, SBS 6 started broadcasting cabaret performances.

The television


of Ronald Goedemondt

's performance

Numero Uno

then scored half a million viewers.

Shows from Najib Amhali and Henry van Loon will follow next Saturdays.

Just like last week, the most viewed program of the Saturday evening was

Wie Is De Mol

with 2,571,000 viewers.

Some 918,000 viewers then switched to


on NPO3


in which the episode was discussed.

Wie Is De Mol

narrowly wins from the

NOS News

from 8 p.m., which 2,529,000 people watched.


NOS Journaal

from 18.00 comes third with almost 1.8 million viewers.