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62% of French people say they are in favor of a vaccination passport ”.

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By: Norbert Navarro

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According to an Ifop poll for

Le Parisien Dimanche

, 62% of French people are in favor of the vaccination certificate for people wishing to take the plane, and 60% for those wishing to visit vulnerable people, in retirement homes or at home. 'hospital.

Opposition to vaccines subsides



Le Parisien Dimanche

, stressing that " 

this controversial issue of the passport


is no longer a taboo


Especially since, according to this survey, 54% of French people " 

now want to be vaccinated, 15 points more than on December 1, 2020

 ", this newspaper completes.

The vaccination passport?

We are very reluctant to do so

," said Clément Beaune to the

Journal du Dimanche


It is too early to have this debate, which raises sensitive practical and ethical questions

 , ”warns the Secretary of State for European Affairs in the



Another poll of the week, the one indicating that half of the French are now opposed to the French presence in the Sahel:

It's a first.

Eight years after the start of the military operation " 


", which has since become the operation " 


", an Ifop poll published by the site of the weekly

Le Point

indicates that 51% of French people are " 

not in favor

 " of French military intervention in Mali, 19% of which are " 

not at all in favor


The question of this polling institute only concerned Mali, but the director of the opinions department at Ifop Jérôme Fourquet told Le Point that we can " 

extrapolate this result to all of Barkhane


because the French people do not really make the distinction and most of the fighting and losses take place in Mali


If we continue in this dynamic, the operation will be more and more difficult to justify for the executive in the months to come

 ”, warns Jérôme Fourquet

in the online version of

Le Point



Should we see in this survey the opportune beginnings of a future withdrawal of the French forces deployed in the Sahel?

The question makes




Leave while leaving chaos or stay at the risk of getting bogged down?"

The equation is a political puzzle

 , ”admits this weekly.

Especially since "

 the terrorist hydra seems to be reborn ad infinitum


Difficult, under these conditions, to justify a withdrawal which would be synonymous with failure, despite some tactical advances


In the United States, in three days, it will be the end of the clap for Donald Trump.

But it is in a deeply divided America that the new US President Joe Biden will be sworn in:

Even if, in the end, it was a " 



for democracy, reason and truth

 ", as the French Minister of Foreign Affairs Jean-Yves Le Drian said this morning in

Le Journal du dimanche

, l weekly



 The danger is very high.

The FBI expects armed actions targeting the Capitolites of all 50 US states in the coming days.

And Joe Biden's investiture ceremony, on January 20, will take place under very high tension


As this magazine points out, “ 

Biden's promise to unify the country seems more impossible than ever to fulfill.

Especially since the Democratic leader, with a fragile majority in Congress, will face him a Republican Party of which a good part of the elected officials have shown themselves permeable to conspiracy theories: more than a hundred of them voted against the certification of elections, 




Enough to strengthen Jean-Yves Le Drian's desire to move forward.

In his interview with the Journal du Dimanche, the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs suggests a " 


" in the commercial standoff between the United States and the European Union, a moratorium " 

on steel, digital technology, Airbus and (…) our wine sector 


In this interview, Jean-Yves Le Drian, moreover, says " 


" that Iran " 

is in the process of acquiring nuclear capacity


So ?

So "

 it is urgent to tell the Iranians that this is enough


launches the head of French diplomacy in


, referring to "

 the destabilization by Iran of its neighbors in the region

 " ...

Himalayan with the first winter ascent of K2:

8,611 meters, the second highest peak in the world, was defeated yesterday in winter by a Nepalese team.


A feat! 





 This feat was however tarnished by the death of a Spanish Himalayan 

", completes this weekly.

His name was Sergi Mingote;

he left his life in the ice of K2, “ 

the killer mountain 



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