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Daphne Deckers does corona test to see mother

Daphne Deckers and her daughter Emma have both taken a corona test to visit the actress's mother and writer.

"Family visit in 2021", says Deckers.

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Daughter Chrissy Teigen and John Legend in jeans for the first time

Luna, the daughter of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, wears jeans for the first time.

According to her mother, the girl also had her first fit of rage in jeans.

3 minutes ago

Kid Rock asks for fiftieth birthday donations

On his fiftieth birthday, Kid Rock calls on his followers to financially support small business owners in the United States.

"There is no better present," said the musician.

2 hours ago

Daughter Maxime Meiland says 'daddy' to her new boyfriend

"They are so nice together", Maxime Meiland tells during a question session on Instagram about the bond between her daughter Claire and her new boyfriend Leroy.

"Leroy is doing very well and Claire is very fond of him. She also says Daddy a lot, more and more. So yes, they click well."

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Maik de Boer finally cleans up his Christmas tree

Maik de Boer has finally cleaned up his Christmas tree, the 60-year-old stylist tells Instagram.

"Believe it or not, I was one of the first to have a Christmas tree and one of the last to take it away", says De Boer.

"But now it is finished."

In a video he shows how he removes the decoration and then makes the entire tree disappear.

In the Netherlands, the unwritten rule applies that Christmas trees are removed during Epiphany (on January 6).

yesterday at 7:22 PM

Carolien Spoor celebrates the first birthday of her son

Elias, the youngest son of Carolien Spoor and Jon Karthaus, will celebrate his first birthday on Saturday.

"What I thought was impossible, fortunately turned out to be possible: for the second time it was love at first sight and I love you so deeply," said the actress.

yesterday at 5:10 PM

Jim Bakkum takes daughter to balcony



Jim Bakkum took his daughter to the Amsterdam balcony where he

, together with fellow participant Jamai Loman,

in 2003, during his participation in talent

show Idols

, waved to a Dam filled with fans.

"You have to share great memories," said the actor and singer.

yesterday at 3:11 PM

Farmer Geert Jan ready for snow fun

"Now that it is snowing so hard, I also packed my skis", says former 

Farmer seeks Wife

participant Geert Jan.

During the day, code yellow will come into effect nationwide.

yesterday at 12:54 PM

Gordon has new housemate

Gordon proudly shows his new pet, the French bulldog Toto.

"Welcome to my life," said a happy Gordon, who says he is in love with his roommate.

Gordon shows his new dog Toto

yesterday at 08:12

Jody Bernal celebrates wedding anniversary

Jody Bernal and his wife Melissa were married for exactly six years on Friday.

"A relationship is not always rosy and moonshine, and yes: we can occasionally stick each other behind the wallpaper. But very proud that today we can write together for another year," said the

Que Si, Que No


The couple have two daughters together: Olivia and Poppy June.

yesterday at 08:12

Friday at 9:34 PM

Pregnant Jennifer Hoffman no longer needs a table

With two photos, the heavily pregnant actress Jennifer Hoffman shows that she can put down a drink without a table nearby.

In September it was announced that Hoffman is expecting her first child.

Friday at 8:48 PM

Bracha van Doesburgh misses 'masters and masters'

"So much respect for our masters and masters", writes actress Bracha van Doesburgh under a photo showing how she gives homeschooling.

"You are missed by the children and also by me."

Van Doesburgh has three children together with her husband, actor Daan Schuurmans.

Friday at 5:28 PM

Famke Louise jokes that she will be the new prime minister

On the day that the Rutte III cabinet resigned because of the report on the benefits affair, Famke Louise shares the joke that she is going to take over the job of outgoing prime minister Mark Rutte.

The singer was trending on social media under the hashtag #kabinet after recordings of a video clip she collaborated on led to 66 corona fines.

Friday at 3:39 PM

Kris Jenner congratulates granddaughter Chicago (3)

Kris Jenner is over the moon with her granddaughter Chicago, the daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Chicago will celebrate its third birthday on Friday.

"Happy birthday little angel," Jenner writes on Instagram.

"You are the best daughter, the best granddaughter, the best sister and the best niece and I am very proud of you."

Friday at 10:29 AM

Gerard Joling on the coffee with recovered mother

Gerard Joling has a cup of coffee with his mother Janny on Friday.

Fortunately, she is doing well again, since she was hospitalized for a broken sternum at the end of December.

"We had a nice cup of coffee with my dear mother," said the singer.

Friday at 5:32 AM

Céline Dion focuses on husband

Céline Dion

who died five years ago

on Instagram that her husband René Angélil died exactly five years ago.

"Not a day goes by that we don't think about you", the singer writes.

"We need you now more than ever for you to guide, protect and watch over us. We pray that your light will shine all over the world and especially those who are going through troubled times right now. You are in our hearts forever. and life. "

Friday at 5:32 AM

Thursday at 6:40 PM

Nick Carter gives a look behind the scenes

The family photo that Nick Carter took with his wife and children didn't just come about.

The Backstreet Boy, who recently announced that his wife is pregnant again, shows on Instagram how difficult it is to take a snapshot with two children.

Thursday at 13:23

Macaulay Culkin thinks Trump's removal scene in

Home Alone 2 is a

good idea

Macaulay Culkin has responded positively to tweets suggesting the idea of ​​removing a Donald Trump scene from

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York 


In the film, the American president is briefly seen when lead character Kevin (Culkin) asks him for directions to the lobby of the Plaza Hotel, which Trump himself owned at the time. 

To a message demanding that Trump's cameo be digitally removed and replaced with an older version of Culkin himself, the 40-year-old actor responds with an approving "Sold".

Culkin responded with "Bravo" to a photo editing where Trump has simply been replaced by empty space.

Thursday at 8:19 AM

Not angry, but scared

Fien Vermeulen has had cancer and is sometimes asked if she was angry with her body.

She is honest: not angry, but afraid.

For a long time the radio DJ had a very bad relationship with her body, but through therapy and the assignments she was given there, love has grown again.

Last year she closed the period with an intimate photoshoot of which she would like to share the images, but which she does not do.

Thursday at 5:27 AM

Maan practices for 'duet with John Mayer'

Maan dreams big.

She shares a photo of herself with her guitar on Instagram, writing that she is practicing for her duet with John Mayer.

"If it ever comes. Don't think so. But it would be nice", said the 23-year-old singer who is at least well prepared in case her dream ever comes true.

Wednesday at 8:06 PM

Fred van Leer thinks back to the good old days with Nikkie de Jager

Fred van Leer goes back in his mind to other times with his good girlfriend Nikkie de Jager.

"Do you remember Nikkie, then this was still possible ...", he writes with a photo of the two sitting close to each other.

Wednesday at 13:58

Ali B parries rumor about brawl with Waylon

In a post on Instagram, Ali B contradicts the rumor that he and Waylon clashed during the recording of

The Voice


Besides a photo in which the entrepreneur and presenter hugs his colleague, he writes: "

Don't believe the lies


Wednesday at 13:58

Wednesday at 1:07 PM

Rico Verhoeven

's daughter

for six years now

Jazzy, the daughter of Rico Verhoeven, has already turned six years old.

The 31-year-old kickboxer believes that the past years have passed quickly.

"I literally have no idea where the time went, but you have already turned six years old. I love you very much and couldn't be more proud."

Wednesday at 9:58 AM

Congratulations Orlando!

Katy Perry has something to celebrate: It's Orlando Bloom, her partner and the father of her child.

The actor is turning 44 and to celebrate the singer posts a series of photos on Instagram.

This way, her followers immediately know what it looks like when the couple brush their teeth together.

Wednesday at 7:07 AM

Gigi Hadid gives Zayn Malik arcade as a gift

Gigi Hadid did not let the 28th birthday of her friend Zayn Malik pass unnoticed.

The model shows on her Instagram Stories that she has created an arcade with all kinds of different games for the singer in their own garage.

She also congratulates him with a photo on the social medium.

"I love you. Thank you for making me the mother of the best girl ever. I wish you all the best every day," writes the model, who gave birth to a daughter in September.

Tuesday at 9:16 PM

Lars Veldwijk is in hospital for examination.

Footballer Lars Veldwijk has been in hospital since Monday.

Monica Geuze's ex says his recording has nothing to do with corona.

He also has no problems with his knee.

Veldwijk does not, however, mention the exact reason for his hospital stay.

He just says that some studies are being conducted.

Tuesday at 8:40 PM

Chuck Norris denies being at Capitol storming

Chuck Norris denies rumor that he was at Trump supporters rioting Jan. 6.

"It's a lookalike, Norris is much more handsome," said a spokesman for the 80-year-old actor, commenting on photos of a man who was at the violent storming of the US parliament building in Washington.

I have no doubt Chuck Norris is MAGA but this guy isn't him.

Very good lookalike but too young.


Avatar Author Danielle Huss Moment of places 12:40 - January 12, 2021

Tuesday at 4:06 PM

Nicole Richie posts baby photo of birthday girl

Nicole Richie posts a photo of her daughter Harlow, who has just turned thirteen, is only three months old.

"Nothing is more beautiful than seeing you grow up to be a young woman. I am so happy to be your mother," Richie said on Instagram. 

Tuesday at 4:06 PM

Tuesday at 13:27

Spice Girls congratulate year-old Mel C

Melanie Chisholm, or Sporty Spice, can blow out 47 candles on Tuesday.

Her Spice Girls colleagues congratulate their famous friend with sweet messages on Instagram.

Victoria Beckham, who left the group years ago, also wishes Mel C a happy birthday.

"To many beautiful memories together. Tonight I toast you."

Tuesday at 11:39 AM

Not much about the body

Where most people spend their working days at home in sweatpants, Olcay Gulsen takes a very different approach: she likes to work in lingerie.

She writes with a photo that she is grateful that she does not have to teach children from home at this time.

Then she probably would have put on something else too.

Tuesday at 8:28 AM

According to her lawyer,

the French


Estelle Cruijff could not be present in court on Monday because she is in Dubai for work.

On social media we see the former soccer wife especially enjoying expensive dinners, huge yachts and cozy get-togethers without keeping a distance of 1.5 meters.

She also likes to visit restaurants with her French friends, including David Guetta's ex.

Tuesday at 5:46 AM

Cooking in style

It is well known that Paris Hilton likes to do things slightly differently from others, and that also appears to be the case in the kitchen: the hotel heiress wraps herself completely in Valentino to prepare her meal. 


records it.

#ChefParis cooking in style decked out in @MaisonValentino for @VogueMagazine.

✨👜👩🏼‍🍳 ✨


Author Paris Hilton Moment of places 5:45 AM - January 12, 2021

Monday at 9:58 PM

Yolanda Hadid misses her mother on birthday

Yolanda Hadid celebrated her 57th birthday today and missed her mother terribly on this "special day", she writes with a photo of herself and her grandchild.

"I miss my mother very much on this special day that used to be ours. The first phone call of my day, two women reminiscent of life and what the day looked like in 1964."

Her first grandchild also makes her realize how much her mother loved her children.

"I've always known she loved her grandchildren, but this is the first time I really understand how much she loved my children and how blessed they were for her impact on their lives."

Monday at 12:44 PM

Rest after hard work

Many parents will recognize Bracha van Doesburgh's rough days: combining work with teaching at home can be tough.

Fortunately, there are also moments of rest at the actress's home and she can relax on the couch.

Monday at 10:06 AM

Frans Bauer cuddles with donkey

Because of the corona measures, cuddling is a lot less nowadays, but Frans Bauer has found a solution.

The singer poses on Sunday cuddling a donkey, which has placed its head on the shoulder of the 47-year-old artist.

Monday at 5:39 AM

Sad but also good

An emotional moment for the Trustfull family: son Kayne returns to the United States.

Due to the corona pandemic, Quinty and Orlando's son was temporarily in the Netherlands, but fortunately he can now finally go back to study in Florida.

Sunday, January 10 at 4:11 PM

Wendy van Dijk shares on Instagram how she dances with her daughter in a TikTok video.

"A loving greeting from us on this Sunday", the presenter writes with the video.

Wendy van Dijk dances with daughter in TikTok video

Saturday, January 9 at 6:57 PM

Kelly Weekers celebrates daughter's birthday with Frozen theme

Scottie, the eldest daughter of former Miss Netherlands Kelly Weekers and John Ewbank, has turned four.

Her parents organized a party for her with the theme 


, after the two Disney animated films.

"End of a phase with so many beautiful moments", says Weekers.

"So proud that this wonderfully opinionated, smart, sweet, sensitive and funny girl is my daughter."

Saturday, January 9 at 4:01 PM

Marlin Weerdenburg bake again Moltalk traditional cake

is a tradition that in every edition of 

Who is the Mole -

parrots program 


bake another cake editorial.

According to presenter Marlijn Weerdenbrug, whose turn it was on Saturday, receiving compliments from her colleagues is more fun than baking itself.

Saturday, January 9 at 3:49 PM

Justin Timberlake commemorates deceased baseball manager Justin Timberlake commemorates

the death of Tommy Lasorda, who died on Thursday at the age of 93.

"I consider myself fortunate to have been able to spend time with you," said the singer about the legendary baseball manager in the United States, who was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1997 for his many years for the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball club.

Saturday, January 9 at 2:18 PM

Kate Middleton celebrates birthday

The British Duchess Kate Middleton will celebrate her 39th birthday on Saturday.

The British Royal Family is grateful for the congratulations that Prince William's wife has received.

Saturday, January 9 at 11:33 AM

Bridget Maasland buys a house for parents

Bridget Maasland has bought a house in Amsterdam for her parents.

The 46-year-old presenter shows the apartment in a video on Instagram to her father and mother.

The house is located in Amsterdam-Zuid, near the Beatrixpark and the business district on the Zuidas.

Saturday, January 9 at 8:12 AM

Loiza Lamers is postponing her birthday

Loiza Lamers turned 26 years old on Saturday.

However, the Dutch model cannot celebrate her birthday the way she wants due to the corona measures, which is why she has decided to celebrate the next year twice as hard.

Friday, January 8 at 9:48 PM

Kim Kötter finds teaching at home spicy

Kim Kötter finds her sons teaching at home spicier than during the first lockdown, she writes on Instagram.

"It may have to do with the fact that I am heavily pregnant and we cannot really go outside. Or that two boys kept getting into each other's hair. Literally."

Kötter does enjoy seeing what her children are working on at school.

"You don't get that much in this corona era. Muck is very eager to learn. Very nice to see."

Friday, January 8 at 12:46 PM

Already a fashion model

Heleen van Royen became a grandmother last year and really enjoys the walks with her grandson.

The author posts a photo on Instagram showing that Spencer is already becoming a real fashion model: he knows exactly where to find the camera.

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