In the opinion of SPD leader Saskia Esken, the lockdown measures in Germany must “definitely be extended”.

In addition, the implementation of the measures decided must be better monitored.

In companies you will "have to arrange home office ... beyond the appeal," she adds.

In Amsterdam, police used a water cannon against hundreds of protesters during an unauthorized demonstration.

The protesters took to the streets on Sunday against the Dutch government and its coronavirus policy.

Police officers on horseback were also on duty to end the protest on Museum Square.

The Amsterdam municipality tweeted that it was important for public health that everyone obeyed the measures, but the protesters did not.

The protest had already been banned during the week out of concern that too many people would participate and not adhere to the distance rules for social contacts.

By Sunday afternoon, the museum square was empty except for a few dozen police officers.

Some demonstrators were still in back streets.

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