'Bronze Dream 2'Roh Sa-yeon and Lee Moo-song start'living separately' for the first time after 28 years of marriage.

In SBS's'Bronze Dream Season 2-You are My Destiny' (hereinafter'Bronze Dream 2'), which will be aired on the 18th, Roh Sa-yeon and Lee Moo-song declared'living separately' after mentioning'graduate marriage', and their time apart I decided to have.

In the previous filming, Lee Moo-song went to a Chinese restaurant in a different fashion than usual, wearing a white coat to sunglasses.

Suddenly, Moo-Song Lee acted unexpectedly in the restaurant and shocked everyone.

Roh Sa-yeon is also said to have been embarrassed by Lee Moo-song's reversal private life, saying, "I've never seen that before. It's the first time I've seen it."

While living separately, Lee Moo-song met his best friend Sang-Ryeol and had a sincere talk about getting drunk.

Sang-Ryeol Sang-ryul has continued friendship for more than 10 years by conducting radio with Roh Sa-yeon.

Lee Moo-song confessed to her feelings hidden for the first time after 28 years of marriage, saying, "I feel guilty to Roh Sa-yeon," while confessing her concerns about the couple's relationship to Sang-Ryeol Lee, who knows both people well.

In response to Lee Moo-song's sudden confession, the MCs, as well as Sang-Ryeol Sang-ryul, were worried, saying, "It may be so from the standpoint of Lee Moo-song," and "You think of that."

On the occasion of his first'living separately', Roh Sa-yeon had a meeting with his three best friends, In Soon, Lee Seong-mi, and Shin Hyeong-won.

Roh Sa-yeon talked about Lee Moo-song's mention of'gradual marriage' and asked the opinions of the three.

In response, Lee Sung-mi threw an unexpected answer and unfolded an unexpected 65-gold marriage talk, saying, "Did you keep putting flesh on your husband?"

Afterwards, the MCs cried out, saying, "It's an unexpected development" and "Why is it so funny?"

The marriage talk of Roh Sa-yeon and In-soon-i, Lee Seong-mi, and Shin Hyeong-won will be revealed in'Bronze Dream 2', which will be broadcast at 10 pm on the 18th.

In'Bronze Dream 2', couples who want to see again through'Homecoming Special for New Year' appear, and they are visiting viewers at 10 pm, earlier than before.

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Seon-ae)