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As of this writing, the clip for

Drivers License

has been viewed 33 million times.

But the madness surrounding this song is such that this number will already be obsolete in a few hours.

Whether on YouTube or Spotify, the madness is similar.

Excluding Christmas carols, with 17 million streams, the track broke the record for the most listened to song in twenty-four hours.

Behind this box hides Olivia Rodrigo, face of Disney aged 17.

The young girl cut her teeth in singing and comedy lessons from the age of 6 and was quickly spotted by the firm with big ears.

In 2016, she played the character of Paige Olvera in the

Frankie and Paige series

on Disney Channel.

Three years later, she landed the first role in

High School Musical: The Musical, The Series

, one of the first original Disney + productions.

TikTok, a dazzling launch pad

The series allows him to take a first step in the music industry, notably by recording the song

All I Want

, taken from the soundtrack of the show.

A small success without


with that of

Drivers License

, well helped by the popular fervor of TikTok.

This is one of the reasons

Drivers License

tops the most viral titles around.

On TikTok, users use the song for the fashionable challenge of filming themselves looking sad, even crying, then falling backwards and letting themselves be discovered with a more glamorous look.

A week after its release, more than 650,000 videos have been published with an extract of Olivia Rodrigo's title.

A title that speaks to a generation

Drivers License

is a silly story.

That of a teenager free to finally be able to cut the road alone at her wheel and nostalgic for a past relationship.

“About six months ago, I got my driver's license,” Olivia Rodrigo wrote on TikTok.

I posted this photo on Instagram saying how super excited I was to be driving alone in the suburbs while crying.

After that I sat down at my piano and thought maybe this experience would make a good song.

So I wrote it.


Throughout the lyrics, the teenager says she feels depressed because of a sweetheart who has gone for another girl.

A ballad on the disappointment in love which also surfs on the ambiguous origin of its text.

Fans of the singer are trying to find out if Olivia Rodrigo is talking about her relationship with Joshua Basset, the actor with whom she shares the poster in

High School Musical: The Musical, the series


While maintaining the mystery, speculation is rife and theories continue to flow on social networks.

The singer may answer it in her debut EP, which is scheduled for release this year.


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