In mid-January, the weather in Chengdu continued to be fine and the temperature rose. Chengdu Jinsha Site Museum released two deer born in 2020 out of the deer garden to stroll in the sun, bringing tourists a sense of healing.

  It is understood that the existence of a large number of antlers in the sacrificial area of ​​the Jinsha Site indicates that the deer had an important significance to the ancient Shu ancestors.

Chengdu Jinsha Site Museum Jinsha Deer Garden introduced 30 sika deer in 2012, restoring the situation of harmony between human beings and nature in the ancient Shu period.

In the deer garden surrounded by bamboo forests and green trees, the cute sika deer leisurely chew the grass, sometimes play and chase, sometimes whisper softly, and the harmonious sceneries bring tourists into the fascinating ancient Shu era.

  (Video source: Jinsha Site Museum reporter Zhang Lang edited Zhou Jing)

Editor in charge: [Wang Kai]