Bruce Willis was expelled from a drugstore for not wearing a muzzle

Hollywood star Bruce Willis has faced an embarrassing situation after he was expelled from a Los Angeles drugstore for refusing to wear a muzzle.

Video footage showed Willis leaving a California pharmacy without wearing a muzzle.

Following this incident, the Die Hard star admitted that he "misjudged the situation" and said, "Let us be safe and continue wearing masks."

Social media has had reactions to the incident that took place with Willis, and some have considered that he is transcending the rules, according to what was reported by the BBC.

Emergency doctor Cliffon MD re-published the news of Willis refusing to wear a mask on his account on the social networking site, saying: "All health service providers in Los Angeles on the battlefield against the epidemic are watching the death of an endless number of patients."

For her part, journalist Olivia Messer said on her account on the social networking site Twitter: "It was enough for him to pull the scarf that covers his neck up to cover his mouth."

Also, Emma Heming Willis, the wife of the movie star, last October posted a picture of her, her husband and their two children wearing masks while they were on a picnic.

In turn, TV writer Brian Behar also said on Twitter: "A Ryan Aid pharmacy employee has achieved what Hans Gruber (Die Hard Champion) couldn't - Welles was kicked out of the pharmacy."

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