At 00:00 on January 15th, 13 new cases of asymptomatic infections were reported in Jilin Province, all of which were related to the imported asymptomatic infections 3 reported in Heilongjiang Province on January 13.

So far, the "1 Chuan 32" super spread event has occurred in Jilin.

  On January 13, Jilin Province notified an imported asymptomatic infection from Heilongjiang Province. He had been trained and taught at Aishan Hanbang Health Club in Gongzhuling City, Jilin Province and Yuansheng Quality Life Workshop in Tonghua City, Jilin Province.

  According to official reports, the case has currently infected 32 people in 3 cities in Jilin Province, distributed in Tonghua City (12 cases), Gongzhuling City (19 cases), and Songyuan City (1 case).

A picture to understand the spread chain↓

  At present, the above-mentioned asymptomatic infections have been transferred to local designated medical institutions for isolation and medical observation.

The government is tracking and investigating the close contacts, sub-close contacts and general contacts of the above-mentioned persons, and implementing control measures to carry out terminal disinfection of their lives and workplaces.

How to treat the phenomenon of super spread?

  According to Feng Zijian, deputy director of the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a high proportion of people infected with new coronary pneumonia do not spread and will not cause second-generation cases; but a small number of infected people or patients will spread more than the basic number-3 Above, more than 3 second-generation cases will be transmitted, which constitutes a super transmission phenomenon, which is a very important feature of new coronary pneumonia.

In the process of epidemic control in various places, it is not surprising that super-spreading phenomena or super-spreaders are discovered.

  Feng Zijian said that

reducing gathering activities is a very important measure to eliminate the phenomenon of super transmission


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Don't get together, don't gather!

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