He was born in Norrköping and studied classical archeology, which today is called the cultural and social life of antiquity, in Uppsala, where he then became a teacher at the Department of History.

In Uppsala, he came across the Linköping son Tage Danielsson already on the first day, he has previously told TT.

-Tage and I found each other immediately in a sense of the same kind of humor and started writing new, rhyming lyrics to famous melodies that we then entertained the comrades with.

When Tage Danielsson was hired at Swedish Radio, Hatte Furuhagen eventually followed and in 1967 he became head of the cultural editorial staff, later he switched to television and became program manager for TV2.

The satire program Mosebacke monarchy began to be broadcast on Swedish Radio in 1958 and continued in stages until 1983. In 1968, it also became a television program.

In addition to Hasse Alfredson and Tage Danielsson, Hatte Furuhagen, Carl-Uno Sjöblom, Moltas Eriksson, Olle Pahlin and Gunnar Svensson appeared under the pseudonym Helmer Bryd.

-We worked with Mosebacke Monarchy for 25 years.

Actually, it was Tage that I knew most from university.

Hasse had the idea of ​​Mosebacke monarchy and needed people who could write scripts, he told TT 2017 when Hasse Alfredson passed away.

Jump on film

Hatte Furuhagen also starred in Hasseåtage's films, including In Angöra en brygga from 1965. In the film, he played the character Walter, who spends all 87 minutes splashing in the water.

-With all the remakes, it was a very adventurous, very difficult and very, very wet recording.

I was glad that my family was not there and saw what I was exposed to.

But I must admit that it was very fun too, he told TT.

Furuhagen made several educational programs about the history of antiquity.

In Pompeii behind the ruins from 1980, he walked around among the ruins in Pompeii and told about the finds made in the city that were buried in ashes.

He also wrote the book Rome - marble and people after retirement.

Hatte Furuhagen was awarded an honorary doctorate at Uppsala University and received the title of professor from the government.

His "Hats" Furuhagen turned 90 years old.