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It is a sad record with which Donald Trump will go down in American history: He is the only US president against whom two impeachment proceedings have been initiated in one term.

The accusation is now: "incitement to riot".

Has President Trump incited his supporters to violence and the Capitol storm?

In the US, freedom of expression is interpreted more broadly than in most other western democracies.

But has the president gone too far?

In this episode, US correspondent Steffen Schwarzkopf talks to WELT author Hannes Stein, who lives in New York, about what one can say in the US - and what legal consequences Trump's statements could have after his term in office.

He will finally move out of the White House on January 20th.



is the podcast of the US correspondent for WELT.

Steffen Schwarzkopf gives a glimpse behind the scenes of Washington's political life and into the America of ordinary people.

At this point, he speaks regularly about what you can't see on TV or the web.

And about the not always easy family life with his wife Julia and the children Til and Jette.

But of course there is always a man who Steffen likes to call "my President".

So about Donald Trump.

Because as a US correspondent you just can't get around him.

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