It has been 15 days since the infection of the new coronavirus was first confirmed in Japan.

However, there are no signs of convergence, with more than 6,600 infected people announced nationwide on the 14th, and more than 4,300 people have died so far.

On January 15, last year, it was confirmed that a Chinese man in his thirties living in Kanagawa Prefecture was infected with the new coronavirus for the first time in Japan.

The man was diagnosed with pneumonia after returning from Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, where the infection with the new coronavirus had spread.

The number of infected people gradually increased, and in April, when the first state of emergency was declared, more than 700 people were infected on the 1st.

It fell below 100 in May, but increased again, surpassing 1000 for the first time in late July, and then surged in November.

On the 8th of this month, a record high of 7882 cases was announced, and on the 14th, 6605 cases were announced.

The government has issued a state of emergency to 11 prefectures again, but there are no signs of convergence, and those who were confirmed to be infected by the 14th, including cruise ship passengers and airport quarantine, were 313,353. There are 4353 people who have died.

Recently, in addition to the highly infectious mutated virus found in the United Kingdom, mutated viruses have been detected one after another by domestic quarantine in people who entered from South Africa and Brazil, and the government is a foreigner. In principle, we are increasing our vigilance by restricting entry to Japan.