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January 15, 2021

Lisa Kudrow shot some footage from the comeback of "Friends"



 are eager to reunite with the band of friends for a special episode on HBO Max, set to be filmed in the spring.

To be patient, Lisa Kudrow, who plays the incredible Phoebe Buffay, revealed during Rob Lowe's podcast to have shot a few scenes.

“There are different aspects, and we have already shot quite a few scenes.

I've already shot stuff, so it's really going to happen, ”she revealed.

However, this is not a return of the series per se.

“It's not scripted, we don't play our characters.

It's just us, who meet again, which doesn't happen often, and hasn't happened in public since 2004, when we quit, ”she explained.

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Kate Winslet Didn't Like Her Fame After 'Titanic'

Kate Winslet became a superstar all of a sudden, after the phenomenal success of


, in which she burst the screen.

However, the actress had to deal with the throes of stardom, and felt harassed by the press.

It is for this reason that she has withdrawn from the spotlight, as she explained to Marc Maron.

“I protected myself very quickly after the film was released.

It was night and day, I suddenly became the subject of investigation, I was heavily criticized and much of the British press was mean to me.

I felt assaulted, to be honest.

I remember, I was like "This is horrible, and I hope it will pass."

It was, but it made me realize what fame was, and I wasn't ready, really not, ”she explained.

To avoid becoming a star of people pages, Kate Winslet turned to independent cinema.


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