China News Service, Beijing, January 15 (Reporter Ying Ni) In order to better promote the beauty of traditional Chinese culture and art, at the beginning of 2021, the Palace Press has launched the "Follow the Master of Art" series "Follow Wang Ximeng to travel thousands of miles" and "Follow Yun Shouping" "Go Sketch" two new books.

The authors discuss an interesting topic in a relaxed style, starting from an art master, talking about masterpieces in the history of painting, talking about many painting themes, talking about history, talking about art, talking about the stories of artists, and leading everyone. Enter the palace of painting art.

  The "Follow the Master of Art" series is an art popularized reading material that combines the brief life, artistic characteristics, evolution of similar painting themes, related works and interesting stories behind them.

Strive to let the public feel the beauty and interest of art through relaxed words and exquisite pictures, and let art come into each of our lives.

  10 books of this series are planned to be published, and 2 have been published. In 2021, "Follow Gu Hongzhong to the Night Banquet", "Follow Qi Baishi to Catch Shrimp", "Follow Zhang Daqian to Dunhuang", "Follow Guan Liang to the Opera", "Follow "Li Keran Goes Herding Cows" "Follow Wu Guan's Middle Reach Jiangnan"...

  "Following Wang Ximeng to travel thousands of miles" is the first book in this series.

In the long river of Chinese art history, green landscape painting is a shining pearl in the traditional culture and art of the motherland, and it is the first and long-standing artistic expression form in landscape painting. The depiction of green water and green mountains often entrusts the vision of peace in the world and beautiful scenery in the world. There is no shortage of painters from generation to generation. Among them, the great green landscape paintings handed down are the most typical of the Northern Song Dynasty Wang Ximeng's "A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains" in the Palace Museum. It is a well-known masterpiece of green and green landscape paintings and is also a landmark work.

  In September 2017, the "A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains-Special Exhibition of Past Dynasties of Green Landscape Paintings" held by the Palace Museum triggered enthusiastic discussions and research from all walks of life, and brought a large number of new academic achievements.

The Song Dynasty was the peak period of the creation of Chinese landscape paintings. During this period, the green landscapes were extremely rich in techniques, mature in composition, and flexible in the use of lofty, far-reaching, and far-sighted paintings, creating so many splendid and magnificent paintings, expressing the impressive pursuit of the Song people. The realm of mountains and rivers that can be visited and lived in, the artistic conception is quite poetic.

The mystery shrouded in "A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains" has attracted many scholars to explore.

This volume is 11.9 meters long, and it is a landmark of the Song Huizong Zhao Ji who personally directed Wang Ximeng's work.

It was once collected by Emperor Qianlong in Qing Dynasty and ordered court painters Wang Bing, Fang Cong and others to copy it.

  "Following Wang Ximeng to travel a thousand miles of rivers and mountains" introduces the story of Wang Ximeng and "A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains", and its influence and interpretation on future generations.

At the same time, this book also introduces the silk materials, pigments, etc. of this painting from the perspective of the practice of the Chinese painter, and details the painting process of this painting. It is a book to popularize the historical story of "A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains" and related green and green. Informative readings created by Shanshui.

  "Follow Yun Shouping to Sketch" is another book in this series.

Yun Shouping was a painter in the early Qing Dynasty. His works were elegant and fresh, with elegant colors and precise shapes, which had a profound influence on the creation of later generations of flower and bird paintings and created the "Changzhou School of Painting".

Together with Wang Shimin, Wang Jian, Wang Hui, Wang Yuanqi, and Wu Li, he was called "Four Kings Wu Yun" and "Qing Liu Family".

  Since the Song Dynasty, the term "sketching from life" refers to flower and bird painting.

Yun Shouping, with his boneless style of flower and bird paintings, was the leader at the time, and has a profound influence on later generations, which continues to this day.

This book comprehensively introduces Yun Shouping's flower, bird, and landscape paintings. It displays a total of 138 representative works of Yun Shouping and his art.

  Yun Shouping's life was full of ups and downs and was full of drama. At that time, scholars and poets wrote scripts and long poems for his legendary experience.

Yun Shouping used his own paintbrush to present the red flowers and green willows in the south of the Yangtze River, with the elegance of a literati, and some fireworks.

Appreciating his works can calm down the inner troubles and cleanse away the dust.

However, with the in-depth interpretation of the painter, he has realized the heaviness and helplessness that he bears, persevering and avoiding, and can fully understand the connotation of his works.

  Follow the Master of Art series is the popular art reading material promoted by the Palace Press this year.

Senior publishing expert Liu Zheng is the editor-in-chief, and the author team is excellent, such as Ke Wenhui, Wang Luxiang, Lu Peng, Xie Qing, etc., to ensure the high-quality presentation of the book content.

The text of each book is about 40,000 words, with beautiful pictures and text, around the famous painters and their good painting themes, one can understand a famous painting master, and the other is an art book that brings a sense of pleasure to calligraphy and painting lovers.

  Continuing the principle that the Forbidden City must publish the best products, following the series of masters of art, insisting on using cultural relics as references, strictly calibrating the colors, making the image colors closer to the original, and the visual experience more realistic.

The high-grade art paper is selected, the color is saturated, and the richness of the picture is highlighted, making reading more comfortable.

In particular, the binding is unique, and the ingenious handling of the connection between the cover and the ring lining allows the book center to be spread flat, making it easy to appreciate the double-page pattern.

  At present, "Follow Wang Ximeng to travel thousands of miles of rivers and mountains" and "Follow Yun Shouping to sketch from life" have been published in the flagship store of the Palace Museum and bookstores across the country.