Regarding the infectious disease of pigs, CSF = classical swine fever, it is necessary to thoroughly prevent the invasion of wild animals and disinfect them, as the number of pigs infected even in vaccinated pig farms is increasing. I made a suggestion that there is.

Since CSF = classical swine fever occurred at a pig farm in Gifu prefecture three years ago, it has been confirmed at 61 pig farms in 10 prefectures in total, and more than 170,000 pigs have been culled. ..

The national government recommends vaccination of pigs in areas where infection has been confirmed with wild boars, but at the end of last month, infection was confirmed at pig farms in Yamagata and Mie prefectures where the infection was confirmed. A team of experts and an expert committee from the country that conducted the field survey made recommendations summarizing preventive measures.

According to the recommendation, some pigs cannot obtain sufficient immunity even after vaccination, so we will install protective fences to prevent the invasion of wild animals such as wild boars, thoroughly disinfect vehicles, and every time the people concerned move to the piggery. It is necessary to change shoes and clothes and thoroughly disinfect.

In addition, in piggery before vaccination and pigs that cannot be vaccinated immediately before shipping, it is said that hygiene management needs to be further thorough because infection is particularly likely to occur.

Tomoyuki Tsuda, chairman of the expert committee, said, "It seems that the measures are neglected because it is okay because I got the vaccine. I want you to thoroughly manage hygiene again instead of relying only on the vaccine." ..