The Berlin police went out on Friday evening to stop a renewed gathering of opponents of the Corona laws in a pub in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg.

A police spokesman said 20 to 30 people had gathered in and in front of the bar.

Participants would disregard the corona hygiene rules.

Further information was not yet available.

On Thursday evening, 28 critics of the current Corona measures broadcast the founding of their new party via livestream on YouTube.

As the "Tagesspiegel" reported, the live stream from a Berlin bar continued even when the police broke up the event.

The mask requirement and distance rules were not observed by the participants - 19 men and 9 women.

According to the police, a number of participants are close to the "lateral thinking" movement.

Among them were the well-known UFO researcher Robert Fleischer and the Berlin hat maker Rike Feurstein, who regularly appears as attorney Viviane Fischer at "lateral thinkers" events.

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The event, through which Feurstein led as a so-called coach, lasted about two hours when emergency services arrived, who could also be seen in the live stream.

The roughly two-hour video on YouTube shows parts of the event with a longer discussion about Corona, the bans and founding a party.

Participants, including the bar operators, demanded their "normal life back", criticized the Corona laws and described the policy as a "self-service shop".

One of the initiators said: "We already have indications in Berlin that people will die after the vaccination."

Several emergency calls were received

The security forces were alerted by several anonymous tips on Thursday evening around 8:10 p.m.

Apparently people had seen the live stream on the Internet and then dialed the emergency number.

After discussions with the officials about the legitimacy of gatherings to establish a party, the meeting ended.


Later, a participant attacked a journalist who was present and slapped her on the camera.

The police then arrested her.

Another hundred police were called in.

The situation center said that the personal details of the people had been determined and that numerous reports would follow.

The place of the illegal gathering was the “Scotch & Sofa” in Berlin's Prenzlauer Berg district.

Its operator Sören P. wanted to reopen his bar and invited to the meeting.

He said the FRG was a self-service shop, the press an "organ of the government" and that he would "ban all parties".


The hat maker Feurstein, on the other hand, is a board member of the Berlin Fashion Designer Association.

She was most recently noticed in the context of the “lateral thinker” scene with statements like this: Since Corona is “very, very similar to flu”, no vaccination is required.

"The people should refrain from it," she is quoted in an article in the "Tagesspiegel".

Robert Fleischer, also present, is also known as a conspiracy ideologist.

On YouTube he published videos about UFOs and aliens, for example “Secret UFO Research in the Pentagon”.