China News Service, Nanning, January 15 (Reporter Huang Yanmei) The Health Commission of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region notified on the 15th that between 0 and 24:00 on January 14th, Guangxi had a new confirmed case of new coronary pneumonia, and 270 close contacts have been tracked. Of those, 112 sub-close contacts and 331 general contacts; a total of 598 samples were collected (184 close contacts, 97 sub-close contacts, and 317 general contacts). The nucleic acid test results were all negative; large-scale The number of nucleic acid samples reached 15,036, and the results are to be reported.

  According to the report, Guangxi currently has 1 confirmed case locally, 2 confirmed imported cases abroad, and 3 imported asymptomatic infections.

On the 14th, 5 new close contacts who assisted in investigating confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in Hebei Province were newly added, and they have been controlled according to procedures.

Currently, 343 close contacts in Guangxi are in isolation for medical observation.

  The aforementioned newly confirmed case of local new coronary pneumonia in Guangxi is a case of Chen Moumou (Male, 36 years old, from Mashan, Guangxi, living at No. 31, Huqiu Village, Xingning District) in Xingning District, Nanning City.

On January 14, Nanning City quarantined and conducted routine nucleic acid tests for the staff of the entry quarantine special class according to the regulations. One person was found to be positive.

The picture shows that some areas of Huqiu Village in Nanning have been cordoned off.

Photo by Edison Chen

  According to the Nanning Municipal Health Commission, Chen Moumou has experienced fatigue and cough symptoms since January 12, and has no history of medical treatment or drug purchase. The nucleic acid test result was positive in the early morning of January 14. After consultation with the municipal expert group, Combined with the epidemiological history, clinical manifestations, imaging characteristics and nucleic acid test results, it is determined that the positive confirmed case (common type) has been transported by a 120 negative pressure ambulance to a designated hospital in Nanning for isolation and treatment.

  After the outbreak, Nanning City immediately launched an emergency response, and in accordance with the principles of scientific policy and precise prevention and control to ensure that the epidemic does not spread or spread, it quickly organized relevant departments to conduct comprehensive epidemic research and judgment, epidemiological investigations, key population investigations, nucleic acid testing and Transfer and isolation work.

  The party committee and government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region attach great importance to it and require the autonomous region’s new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters to strengthen guidance, scientific and accurate analysis, and adopt the most stringent measures to prevent and control the epidemic, resolutely prevent the spread of the epidemic, and spare no effort to protect the lives and health of the people.

  So far, Guangxi has reported a total of 266 confirmed cases, a total of 261 were cured and discharged, and 2 died. There is currently one confirmed case in the local area under treatment and two imported confirmed cases.