According to the China Weather Network, today (January 14) the highest temperature in Beijing will drop to 4°C, with sporadic light snow in the eastern and northern regions.

The cold air will come tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, the wind chill effect in Beijing will be significant, and the maximum temperature will drop to freezing point again.

  Yesterday, under the disturbance of northerly winds, the temperature in Beijing rose rapidly. Monitoring showed that the highest temperature in the southern suburbs observatory reached 8.6℃ during the day, and I felt a warmth in the "39 days".

  Today, the amount of clouds in the sky in Beijing has increased, and the temperature has dropped, and weak snow will appear.

The Beijing Meteorological Observatory issued a weather forecast at 6 o'clock on the 14th: Today is cloudy during the day, with sporadic light snow in the east and north, east to north breeze second and third, the highest temperature is 4 ℃; night cloudy to clear, north breeze second and third, the minimum temperature is minus 4 ℃.

  The cold air in the "three-nine days" will not "close". Affected by the cold air, Beijing will see strong winds and a cooling process the day after tomorrow. The northerly wind will be strong and the wind chill effect will be significant. The highest temperature in Beijing will drop to freezing again the day after tomorrow.

  Meteorological experts reminded that the weather in Beijing today is overcast and cold, with weak snowfall in some areas. The public should pay attention to cold and warm weather and travel safety.

In addition, the temperature has fluctuated greatly recently, please pay attention to nowcasting and strengthen prevention.