Actor Han Hye-jin and soccer player Ki Sung-yong laughed at their witty daily conversation.

Today (14th), Sung-Yong Ki posted a post on his SNS, saying, "We will deliver the courier again this year. Please wait."

In football,'delivery by courier' means "I will make a perfect pass like a courier." It was an expression of Ki Sung-yong's determination to "I will show you a clean pass in the upcoming game."

In Ki Sung-yong's willing post, many fans left warm comments such as "The picture said everything", "I only trust our Captain Key, and I'm going this season", "I thought so, and I bought a season pass", while his wife, Han Hye-jin, said, "These days childcare. He made a laugh by leaving a realistic comment saying, "You must have become a lot lighter by not doing this."

In response, Ki Sung-yong cutely protested, saying, "It's harder to exercise than parenting. Madam", and netizens said, "It's a horse with bones," "I hope there's peace in your family", "After training, let me have a hard time raising children!" And responded with pleasant comments

Ki Sung-yong, who returned to the K-League of professional football with great expectations last year, but was unable to play many games due to injuries, said, "I am sorry that I did not help the team last year, and I will work with the heart to compensate this year." .

(Photo = Ki Sung-Yong·Han Hye-jin Instagram)

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