French counterenor Philippe Jaroussky is Anne Roumanoff's guest on Thursday in the program "C'est du bien".

He tells about his beginnings in the world of classical music and song, but also how he discovered that his voice fascinates, during a singing competition he does while in sixth grade. .


How do you find out that you have an extraordinary voice?

For the countertenor Philippe Jaroussky, this was done while he was in sixth grade, as he explained Thursday at the microphone of Anne Roumanoff in the show 

It feels good


Before singing, he started in music when he entered the Conservatory at age 11, where he learned the violin and the piano.

The song will not come until a little later, thanks to a competition.

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During this singing competition, the young Philippe Jaroussky made an astonishing musical choice.

But that will pay off.

"I won my first sixth


singing competition with

Midnight Demons

," he smiles, before singing part of the chorus of Emile and Images' song.

Philippe Jaroussky realizes with this victory that his voice stands out.

But he didn't really start working on it until he was 18, after going to a concert by counterenor Fabrice di Falco.

"We met at the conservatory. I went to see him sing in a church in Paris, and it was a real shock," he recalls.

"I was like 'This is what I want to do'."

"I made my first opera at the age of 20"

He then contacts Fabrice di Falco's singing teacher, who tells her that her singing is pretty, but without substance.

Philippe Jaroussky then replies "Trust me. I know I will become a counterenor."

An assurance that still surprises him today.

"There had to be these little inner voices, this little flame that makes you able to lift mountains", he imagines.

The future countertenor begins lessons with this teacher and hangs on.

His career then took off very quickly.

"I made my first opera at the age of 20," he says modestly.

At 42 years old, his talent as a countertenor is recognized around the world.