US President Donald Trump again condemned the storming of the Capitol in a video on the night from Wednesday to Thursday.

He did not address the historic second impeachment procedure that the House of Representatives started on Wednesday, but called for unity in the country.

The video was posted to the White House's Twitter account.

Trump himself has been permanently suspended from the platform since last week.

In a unique piece, Trump tried to unite his country in the video.

That is a completely different tone than he used before.

Trump acknowledged that there has been too much political violence in his country over the past year, from both left and right groups, and that it must stop.

"Whether you are right or left, Democrat or Republican, there is never a cause for violence. (..) America is a land of laws and those involved [in the Capitol protection] are being prosecuted."

Trump urges his supporters to keep calm ahead of Joe Bidens inauguration next Wednesday.

According to the president, there are indications that people want to take to the streets again.

Earlier it became clear that tens of thousands of extra agents are being deployed.

The state of emergency in Washington also applies until January 24.


Trump to rioters: 'We love you'

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Trump: storming not good for MAGA movement

He reacted in the video to his supporters who stormed the Washington parliament building exactly a week ago.

According to Trump, they have not done the

Make America Great Again

movement any good.

“No real Trump supporter approves of violence. Gang violence goes against everything we believe in. (...) You don't support our movement, you attack it.”

Last week, Trump incited his supporters to express their dissatisfaction en masse.

In the Capitol, the election results were then officially recorded by Congress.

The Capitol storm this week prompted the Democrats to re-initiate impeachment proceedings against Trump for allegedly inciting rebellion.

On Wednesday, the impeachment procedure was approved by the lower house.

The political trial is now awaiting Senate hearing.

There has never been an impeachment trial against the same president twice.

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