Kate Winslet felt bullied by the media after starring in


at the age of 21


The actress tells this in the podcast

WTF with Marc Maron


"I immediately went into a self-protective position," says Winslet (45) about the period after the 1997 blockbuster hit. was very unkind to me. "

"I felt bullied, if I'm honest," she continues.

“I remember thinking, this is awful and I hope it will pass. It certainly passed, but it made me realize that if that was what being famous was, I wasn't ready.”

Winslet also says that peace returned when she had a child.

The press diminished, and she herself paid less attention to it by focusing on her daughter.


, from director James Cameron, was the first movie to gross more than a billion dollars.

Until the release of


in 2010, also directed by Cameron, it was the most profitable film of all time.

Winslet received an Oscar nomination for best actress for her role as Rose DeWitt Bukater.