On January 13, the reporter learned from the Jiwen Forestry Bureau of Inner Mongolia Forest Industry Group Co., Ltd. that a few days ago, forest rangers in the Jiwen Forest District of Daxing'anling, Inner Mongolia, "adopted" wild raccoons that had recovered from their injuries for 60 days and released them to nature.

  On the day of the release, the wild raccoon was curled up in the feeding place and could not come out. It took a long time for everyone to work together to "invite" the wild raccoon out.

After observing the surroundings with nostalgia, the wild raccoon slowly walked towards the forest.

  In early November 2020, forest ranger Liu Zhanwen found an injured wild raccoon near the Xiaobusuli management and protection station in Beigou, Jitie, and took it back to the management and protection station to carefully feed the wild raccoon, which helps the bones. Slices, cucumber seeds, and topped with bone soup.

  Official information shows that raccoon dogs are protected wild animals and are listed in the "Nationally Protected List of Terrestrial Wild Animals with Important Economic and Scientific Values" by the State Forestry Administration, and they belong to the national "Three Haves" protected animals.

  Liu Zhanwen’s "adopted" wild raccoon dog is more than 60 cm long and weighs about 10 kg.

After 60 days of "convalescence", the raccoon dog's injury has basically healed.

Although he did not want to give up, Liu Zhanwen decided to release the raccoon dog back to the mountain and let it return to his real home.

  (Edited by Zhang Wei, Jia Hongwen, Mao Huzhuang, Ma Zhiyuan)

Editor in charge: [Sun Jingbo]