British media group Telegraph billionaire David Barclay dies

British businessman David Barclay, who and his twin brother built an empire that housed the conservative "Daily Telegraph" newspaper, died at the age of 86 after a brief illness.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, a former journalist for the "Daily Telegraph", expressed, via Twitter, "respect" and "appreciation" for David Barclay, who saved a major newspaper and created thousands of jobs throughout Britain, and he passionately believed in the independence of this country and what it was. He can do it. ”

With his twin brother Frederick, David Barclay created a vast empire that started with hotels and expanded to include the retail sector, and then owned the Telegraph media group since 2004.

And in the latest ranking of Britain's richest people last year, the Times newspaper put the two brothers' wealth at 7 billion pounds ($ 9.57 billion).