The drama series "Bridgerton", based on the novel of the same name by Julia Quinn, casts a spell over a wide audience.

Since it was released at the end of December, the epoch drama has been constantly on the Netflix charts.

Maybe this is due to the entertaining escapism - the viewer is kidnapped into the unreal world of the Regency era with all its pomp and chic, its gossip, its balls and tea hours - and of course their costumes.

Not only the lavishly decorated clothes are beautiful to look at, but also the no less extravagant pieces of jewelry.

Diamonds, rubies, pearls and emeralds adorn the ladies of high society - such as those of the ambitious Bridgerton and Featherington families.

But also the Queen and Lady Danbury are richly decorated.

It was not revealed whether the extravagant stones from the series were originals.

In the cloakroom department, however, no expense was spared, most of the more than 7,500 costumes were handcrafted.

The more than 230-strong team of “Bridgerton” costume designer Ellen Mirojnick included tailors and hatters as well as jewelry designers such as Lorenzo Mancianti.


In a conversation with “Harper's Bazaar” Mirojnick said that most of the jewelry comes from dealers in New York, Italy and Great Britain - as well as from the jewelry team itself, of course. Some of the tiaras are also said to come from the Swarovski archive.

How much would this jewelry cost in the real world?

The British online marketplace Onbuy created a ranking based on this - jewelry expert Zack Stone, who is the third generation to run the Steven Stone jewelry store, rates the pieces and even has little stories to tell about some of them.

6th place - Lady Featherington's butterfly necklace:

Value: 27,000 euros

Credit: pa / Everett Colle / © Netflix / courtesy Everett Collection

Portia Featherington's turquoise butterfly necklace made of yellow gold would cost her around 27,000 euros in real life.

The jewelry expert would locate the statement piece in the 1800s.

And explains that it was probably made of tinted and silver-plated copper sheets, a popular combination at the time for


green gemstones


“A combination of foil and closed back was a characteristic element in Georgian jewelry.

You should brighten diamonds, intensify colored stones and create a richer, shimmering effect so that diamonds sparkle and sparkle even more in candlelight than they already have, ”says Stone.

More appearance than reality - all the Featheringtons.

5th place - Daphne's

pear-shaped diamond necklace:

Value: 660,000 euros

Credit: pa / Everett Colle / © Netflix / courtesy Everett Collection

Assuming the main pear-shaped diamond is six carats, Daphne's sophisticated white gold three-tier necklace would cost an estimated $ 660,000.

The jeweler specifies: “It would probably be Brazilian diamonds.

From 1725, large quantities of high-quality Brazilian stones came to Western Europe, which meant that jewelers were for the first time able to cut larger, individual statement stones - similar to the pear-shaped one in this piece.

For the first time, this also gave lower court members outside the royal families access to such refined pieces of jewelry. "

4th place - Marina's gold diamond necklace:

Value: 1.6 million euros



Marina's white gold necklace with a teardrop halo

(the word "halo" actually refers to bright rings of light around planets; in the world of jewelry this is used to refer to smaller stones that are arranged in a ring around a larger one)

made of diamonds that she wore on her first ball in real life a value of 1.6 million euros.

A handsome sum for a young lady whose entire dowry was gambled away.

3rd place - Daphne's diamond necklace made of white gold:

Value: 3.8 million euros

Credit: pa / Everett Colle / © Netflix / courtesy Everett Collection

Daphne's famous necklace, which she received from Prince Friedrich, has five diamonds, each weighing around ten carats.

In reality, this white gold necklace would have been worth a whopping 3.8 million euros.

As for style, Stone explains: “In the early 1720s, necklaces in a wider collarette style replaced those narrower ribbon-style chains.

Last but not least, this was due to the fashion: the cut of women's clothes showed more and more cleavage.

And that strongly influenced the desire to decorate the neck with flowers and intricate garlands of precious metals and gemstones - and thus deliberately draw attention to the cleavage. "

2nd place - Lady Danbury's tiara and necklace:

Total value: 8.8 million euros

Credit: pa / Everett Colle / © Netflix / courtesy Everett Collection

It is estimated that this headdress is well over 100 carats - Lady Danbury's diamond tiara would be worth an impressive 5.5 million euros in real life.

This white gold piece of jewelry with a central 30-carat diamond is inspired by flora and fauna, says the jewelry expert.

And her marquise diamond necklace in a leaf-drop design would be worth a whopping 3.3 million euros with an estimated value of 300 carats.

This type of jewelery set, whose design is coordinated, is called a parure: “In the 18th century, parures were very popular at court.

As formal court jewelery, they were designed either as 'en suite', i.e. a multi-part jewelry combination, or 'demi suite', i.e. half-set consisting of only two parts, ”says the British jeweler.

1st place - Queen's ruby ​​earrings:

Value: 7.7 million euros

Credit: pa / Everett Colle / © Netflix / courtesy Everett Collection


The queen deserves the most expensive piece: “The rubies on the yellow gold pigeon blood drop earrings are extremely rare,” says Stone.

The earrings also contain intricate gold halo details.

Therefore, this Queen Charlotte jewelry set would fetch a staggering 7.7 million euros in the real world.

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