Our reporter Dai Wei, Guo Jiewen, Wu Hongbo, Zhang Xuan

  "Post-90s", have you really grown up?

  "Post-90s", have they found their way?

  Can "post-90s" support the future?

  When the clock is set to the third decade of the 21st century, the first group of "post-90s" also quietly walked into their 30s.

These colleagues in the new era are often labelled with the negative label of "Beat Generation", questioning that they once flooded like a tide, but they used their own methods to bravely advance in the rapids.

  In the most difficult place, in the front line of poverty alleviation, there are thousands of them, illuminating the mountains and rivers with shining light, so that the suffering of poverty will no longer continue.

  Recently, the reporter and several poverty alleviation cadres who have just entered their first years have entered their "ideal thirty."

  The "Doctoral Secretary" of Baicheng Steel

  What kind of test will a doctoral graduate from an eastern province face when he goes to a remote mountain village in the northwest to help the poor?

  Drive more than 200 kilometers from Xi'an, over the winding mountain highway.

The scenery along the way swayed, leading the reporter to a humble small mountain village in the hinterland of Qinling Mountains.

  Meiwan Village is located in Taibai County, Shaanxi Province.

This village with a population of less than one thousand has a pleasant climate, and there is no summer all year round, occupying the Qinling Mountains.

However, precisely because it is located in the depths of the Qinling Mountains, poverty is like a mountain where a fool is helpless, and the villagers can't breathe for generations.

  "Tired, the road is not easy." Lu Xing, the first secretary of Meiwan Village, smiled and grabbed the reporter's hand.

If it weren't for the Shandong accent mixed in between the words, this "foreigner" is more like an authentic Guanzhong baby.

  At the end of 2018, Lu Xing graduated from the School of Materials Science and Engineering of Shandong University with a Ph.D., passed the orientation examination, and came to Meiwan Village as the first secretary.

  Before graduating, Lu Xing had a relatively comfortable choice: to continue his studies and get a decent job in a big city... After several considerations, he followed his heart and determined to "learn something" in Shaanxi.

  However, "learning something" is not easy.

  "Village conditions, projects, party building...everything is an urgent problem in development." He clearly remembered that when he first came to Meiwan Village, the village's industrial foundation was weak and various poverty alleviation projects were in the embryonic stage.

Before he had time to adapt to the environment, he was indeed unable to cope with so many unfamiliar and complicated problems.

  "At that time, I thought, starting with the most basic work, you can always gain something." Lu Xing spent a month visiting 94 poor households in the village who set up files and registered cards. "It is written in my three work diaries. It’s full of everyone’s wishes for a good life."

  Collect your wishes, then turn them into reality.

  Lu Xing first used his brains on industrial development.

Like most towns and villages in Taibai County, the resistance to the development of Meiwan Village is the environment, and the driving force is the environment.

Because of the ecological protection requirements of the Qinling Mountains, Taibai County has limited industrial development conditions, but it has unique ecological resources.

Looking at the "Snow Ridge" above his head, Lu Xing shared with the reporter his "tourism experience" in the village for two years.

  Based on the existing foundation, Meiwan currently has more than 20 farmhouses, with an industrial layout focusing on sightseeing agriculture and rural tourism, bringing comprehensive benefits of more than 300,000 yuan per year.

  Meiwan Village is small and there are not many visitors.

"Combined with the wishes and abilities of the villagers, we applied for the best policy conditions, with subsidies ranging from 30,000 to 50,000 yuan per household." Walking along the tidy village road, Lu Xing counted the signs of several farmhouses, "After this year, I want to set up a farmhouse association in the village to unify prices and operating standards, and let the villagers who are willing to do it first."

  The winter solstice has passed, and the depths of the Qinling Mountains are chilly.

  The reporter and Lu Xing came to the villager Yang Xianai's house along the Tongzu Road, which was not long after completion.

  The 73-year-old Lao Yang and his wife withdrew from the poor households last year.

In the small courtyard, Lao Yang pointed to the highway in front of his house and talked to the young secretary about the future of the village, "As soon as the highway is open, we are here at the intersection. In the future, more and more people will come to travel and the village will come. The better."

  Lao Yang's "confidence" stems from the changes over the years.

Confined in poverty, the home where he and his wife had been with him for many years was in dilapidated condition.

"His old house is like an antique, and there are signs of leaks everywhere. It rains heavily outside, and it rains lightly in the house." Seeing the situation of Lao Yang's house, Lu Xing led the village team to apply for funds to repair the house. I also went to a nearby village to find a few pieces of old furniture, which changed the inside and out of the old house.

  The old house changed to a new look, and Lao Yang's spirit became even stronger.

Like him, the 263 households in Meiwan Village are also quietly changing and have a glimpse of the village's tomorrow.

By the end of last year, the poverty incidence rate in the whole village had been cleared, and the per capita net income of farmers had increased from 12,033 yuan in 2016 to 15,920 yuan in 2019.

  "The task of poverty alleviation in the whole village is basically completed, and then we have to link up with the revitalization of the village." Lu Xing calculated the next development of the village.

  Two years of grassroots tenure will be full, but Lu Xing is reluctant to leave.

When I first arrived, some people questioned that the doctoral secretary was just a visitor to plated gold, but he who was able to learn materials felt that he was making steel, "young us are like a piece of cast iron, only after tempering can we have better plasticity and strength. ."

  Lu Xing said that 30 years old means not only to be able to bear weight, but also to move forward.

  "Captain Xueba" who loves to solve difficult problems

  How long does it take to go from a poorly spoken science and engineering man to a poverty alleviation cadre who can't finish whispering to the folks?

  In the deep winter morning, we made an appointment with Liang Chen to accompany him back to his "natal home."

  Liang Chen, from Fuzhou, Jiangxi.

In 2007, he was admitted to the School of Engineering of Peking University with honors.

Four years later, he turned to say goodbye to Yanyuan, and came to Anhui Tongling Chemical Industry Group as a technician in order to realize his ideal of "serving the country by industry".

  In March 2017, he was selected and sent to Chang'an Village, Zongyang County, as the captain of the village poverty alleviation team. His term ended in June last year.

  Medium height, thick eyebrows, dark blue coat.

  Outside the factory where Liang Chen worked, the reporter recognized him at a glance.

  "Is that you? It's a meeting, let's set off first!" He beckoned to us, and jumped straight into the off-road vehicle.

  The car started and drove in the direction of Chang'an Village.

  "It's been a long time since I went back." Liang Chen murmured.

  Chang'an Village is located in the corner of Zongyang Town, Zongyang County. It is a typical urban-rural junction. The per capita arable land of the villagers is small, and the main source of income is mainly migrant workers. The aging phenomenon in the village is serious, and there are almost no young people. .

Three years ago, 27-year-old Liang Chen became a new young man in the village.

  "Before going to the village, I didn't worry at all about the difficulties I was about to face. This may be because I loved solving difficult problems when I was in school." School bully Liang Chen was already ready to answer the questions.

  Unexpectedly, the first mandatory question made him feel confused.

"The Zongyang dialect is completely different from the Tongling dialect. At first, I didn't understand anything, so I had to be anxious." Liang Chen said that when he first came to the village, "the ears cannot hear, the mouth cannot speak." Cadres act as interpreters.

  In order to cross the language barrier, Liang Chen chose to spend more time in the villagers' homes.

  A cup of tea, a few cigarettes, the villagers stay at home for a day.

He said that he can not only exercise his "hearing" with the villagers, but also understand the specific situation of each household and lay the foundation for the next work.

Two months later, he was finally able to communicate smoothly with the villagers and became friends with many people.

  "I am very introverted and don't like to talk. After dealing with villagers for a long time, I become more able to talk." Liang Chen said with a smile.

  After racing on the highway for more than an hour, we finally arrived in Chang'an Village.

After getting off the car, Liang Chen led us to the villager He Youjia.

  Just after midday, He Youzheng lazily leaned on the door frame. Liang Chen's appearance made him a little excited. He was speechless for a while, but kept nodding at us.

  "Xiao He is my good friend and a taciturn young man." Liang Chen said.

  He You is a poor household in the village and lives with his mother.

Suffering from schizophrenia, he basically lost his ability to work, so he could only help his mother set up a small stall in front of the house, and there was no stable financial source at home.

He needs to take medication regularly for his illness, which is not available in the county hospital and can only be purchased in Tongling City, more than 60 kilometers away, which is extremely inconvenient.

  "After understanding the situation, I asked to help him purchase drugs. For the next three years, I would go to the city's psychiatric hospital at the beginning of each month, and then give the drugs to his mother." Liang Chen said.

  Like Xiaohe, in Chang'an Village, poverty due to illness and poverty due to disability are the main causes of poverty.

  Based on this situation, Liang Chen organized village cadres to set up a WeChat group to help.

Poor households need to go for medical insurance reimbursement or apply for chronic disease cards. As long as they shout in the group, village cadres will come to provide convenience for them.

  In three years, all 85 poor households in the village have been lifted out of poverty, and the per capita annual income has increased from about 1,500 yuan in 2016 to about 5,000 yuan now.

  Xiao He's condition gradually stabilized. Like the young people in the village, he also plans to go out to work.

Liang Chen persuaded him to stay in the village, just as capable of doing something.

  On the way back, Liang Chen was a little tired, lying on the back of the seat, his eyes closed slightly.

After a while, he seemed to remember something, turned on the phone, and called up a photo.

  "This is your daughter?"


  "how old are you?"

  "Four and a half years old, called Chu Chu."

  He said that the biggest regret of staying in the village over the years is the absence of his daughter's growth.

  "Sometimes I was in a trance when I was in a video with their mothers. The children have grown up so much, so sad." It started raining outside the window, and Liang Chen turned his head to one side and closed his eyes, as if he was asleep again.

  After many years, Chu Chu might understand what an amazing thing his father and his colleagues have done.

  Draw the new "magic brush Ma Liang"

  What kind of changes can a master's degree graduate of fine arts bring to Gannan Mountain Village?

  More than 500 kilometers south of Nanchang is Dingnan County, the "South Gate" of Jiangxi.

On the day of the winter solstice, the reporter and his party drove here.

  In the Tongxin Studio in Dafeng Village, Egong Town, Dingnan County, we met Zhang Yangfan who was preparing painting tools for students.

  Zhang Yangfan, born in Pingdingshan, Henan, graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2018 and joined the Jiangxi Provincial Department in September of the same year.

Soon after he worked, he was sent to Dafeng Village to work in poverty alleviation.

  After 4:30 pm, the studio became lively.

A dozen children were sitting at the drawing table, drawing attentively with the paintbrush in their hands.

Zhang Yangfan gave counseling to the children from time to time during the visit.

  When he first arrived in Dafeng Village, Zhang Yangfan visited the villagers' homes every day. He found that compared with the lack of material, the poverty of the villagers' spiritual life was more worrying.

"During the farm slack, the villagers stay at home and at most come out to play mahjong." Zhang Yangfan said.

  What made him more uneasy was that he found that the children in the village tend to keep their heads down, they can't speak when they see strangers, and they lack self-confidence.

  It can't go on like this!

  He decided to pick up the paintbrush again and use his professional skills to bring some changes to the village.

  In November 2018, Zhang Yangfan opened a concentric studio in Dafeng Primary School and became an art teacher voluntarily.

The three-foot podium is his position for poverty alleviation, and the paintbrush has become his "weapon" for poverty alleviation.

  "It's called Tongxin Studio because poverty alleviation is a work of many people working together, just like a concentric circle around'helping wisdom and aspirations'." Zhang Yangfan said that he hopes to cultivate children's hobbies through aesthetic education and encourage them to pursue A life different from that of my parents.

  The small bridges in the village, the starry sky over the fields, the modern vegetable shed... these are all painted with colors by the children and put on the canvas.

This is the world in their eyes, and it is their beloved hometown.

  At the end of the class, watching the children pouring out of the classroom, Zhang Yangfan finally came to rest and offered to show us a special student.

  Starting from the village committee, after a few minutes' walk, we opened the door of villager Lu Baohua's house.

Inside, a figure sits in a wheelchair, holding a paint tray in one hand and a paintbrush in the other to color the painting.

  Lu Baohua, 43 years old this year, is Zhang Yangfan's help.

When he was a child, Lu Baohua unfortunately got sick and disabled his legs. He couldn't live without a wheelchair. His unfortunate circumstances made him feel inferior and depressed.

In 2015, he was included in the filed and registered poor households.

How to help Lu Baohua regain his confidence in life is a problem that Zhang Yangfan worries about.

  "He asked me to learn painting from him, no tuition, just to learn a craft." At the suggestion of Zhang Yangfan, Lu Baohua joined the studio.

Considering his inconvenience, Zhang Yangfan made time to teach at his home.

  Starting from sketching, color pencil, watercolor, and oil painting have all become Lu Baohua's tools for "rewriting life".

Soon, he showed great talent in painting.

"After learning to paint, he seemed to have changed his personality, with a look in his eyes and a straight waist. He is no different from before." Zhang Yangfan said.

  In June 2019, Tongxin Studio held a charity sale of paintings, and 9 of Lu Baohua's works were sold out.

He donated all the 3,200 yuan from the charity sale to the studio to buy painting supplies.

  "As long as I work hard, I can create a better life with my hands like other people." Lu Baohua smiled and told reporters.

  The art tree planted by Zhang Yangfan has now grown new shoots.

In June 2019, with the support of the local government, Egong Town established an aesthetic education seminar group, with Zhang Yangfan as the team leader, and promoted the concentric studio in many schools in Dingnan. The number of students increased from 23 to more than 300, which expanded the aesthetic education. The radiation range of Fu Zhi Fu Zhi.

  In 2020, all 36 poverty-stricken households in Dafeng Village will be lifted out of poverty, but Zhang Yangfan's poverty alleviation work has not ended.

"More than two years of poverty alleviation work has made me inseparable from the villagers and beautiful scenery here. I also want to use this pen to paint a better life for the villagers."

  Zhang Yangfan said that he is preparing to hold an art exhibition for the children. The theme of the exhibition is "Drawing a Newborn".

  The times come up with questions, and youth answer: they have changed the appearance of the countryside, and the countryside has sharpened their true colors and witnessed their growth.

  A generation will eventually get old, but there will always be someone young.

  @"Post-90s", the times are calling, it's time for you to play.