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  "Sweet Wild Boy" Ding Zhen: A person's reputation is a test

  West China Metropolis Daily-cover news reporter Liao Xiu

  a chance, let the Tibetan guy Ding Zhen become the top traffic influencer.

  In the past two months, Ding Zhen’s Weibo topics such as “Ding Zhen’s first time watching a movie”, “Ding Zhen said he wants to come to Beijing to see the national flag raising”, etc., have been on the Weibo hot search list more than 30 times.

Many tourists went to Litang County, his hometown, to find Ding Zhen in their hearts and the most beautiful scenery.

  Recently, Ding Zhen posted a video on social media. In the video, he said: “Recently, many people have known me and come to see me in my hometown. I think that being famous is not a bad thing, but a kind of Test. I'm still Ding Zhen, simple and ordinary."

I hope to recommend Litang to outsiders in the future

  In November 2020, a tourist promotion film "The World of Ding Zhen" swept the Internet. With Ding Zhen's monologue, Litang County, known as the "City of the Sky", appeared in people's eyes.

  After Ding Zhen became popular, the media flooded Litang County, and the "Sweet Wild Boys" became busy.

  Ding Zhen told the West China Metropolis Daily and the cover news reporter that his hometown had no internet, electricity, or roads five years ago. After five years of development, now his hometown has used the internet, the roads are better, the water is coming, and the electric equipment Wait a lot better than before.

At the age of 17, he also used a smartphone.

  Compared with the popularity before and after, Ding Zhen thinks that his biggest gain is to go out of his hometown and go to Chengdu.

What impressed him most in Chengdu were the haunted houses in the amusement park and the roller coaster. "I had a great time. I also like the zoo, where I saw a lot of animals that I had never seen before."

  In December last year, TV Asahi, Japan With the title "Because Too Shuai became a tourist ambassador and became a 19-year-old boy who is very popular on social networks", Ding Zhen's unexpected popularity was reported.

  This "sweet wild boy" was screened in Japanese media. Japanese netizens commented on "very refreshing and handsome, and it feels good at first glance" "This is the level of an actor"... Some Japanese netizens think that like Ozaki Toyoshi when he was young.

  Now, many fans leave messages to Ding Zhen on social networking platforms, hoping that he will become a unique "net celebrity". For this reason, Ding Zhen will spend one to two hours a day learning Chinese.

He said that he wants to work hard to improve his Chinese, understand the comments of fans, and introduce Litang to the outside world in the future.

I'm still the ordinary Ding Zhen

  After becoming popular all over the Internet, Ding Zhen's Weibo topics such as "Ding Zhen's first time watching a movie" and "Ding Zhen said he wanted to come to Beijing to see the national flag raising" frequently made the top search lists.

  In the past, few tourists made a special trip to Litang, or just went to Aden, Daocheng, to rest here.

After Ding Zhen became popular, more tourists came for him.

  On December 1, 2020, at the Cangyang Gyatso Miniature Museum, a male tourist holding a selfie stick came here admiringly, “I just went to Xia Zetong Village in the morning and saw Uncle Ding Zhen. He joked about Ding Zhen. It's even hotter than him now." The tourist felt sorry for not seeing Ding Zhen himself.

  Miss Wang from Nanchong said, “I came to see Ding Zhen specially. I didn’t know about Litang in the past. This time, I discovered the beauty of Litang through Ding Zhen.” She thinks that Ding Zhen has led the fire alone. Litang tourism, this is a good thing.

  After becoming famous, Ding Zhen still chose to return to Litang to speak for his hometown.

Recently, he posted a video on social media. In the video, he said, “Recently, many people have known me and come to see me in my hometown. I think that being famous is not a bad thing, but a test. I’m still Ding Zhen, simple and ordinary.”

  He mentioned that the outside world is huge, but only his hometown has his favorite pony, snow-capped mountains and grassland.

He thanked the fans for their attention and hoped to introduce the beauty of his hometown to more people.

Behind poverty alleviation, hometown will build more "Cangyang study rooms"

  In February last year, Litang County successfully removed its "poverty hat".

Nowadays, with Ding Zhen's popularity, the poverty alleviation work of this "world's high city" has been given more far-reaching significance.

  In the Cangyang Gyatso Miniature Museum, thousands of express delivery items are neatly stacked in the study room, forming several hills.

  "These are not all gifts for Ding Zhen." The staff explained that in August last year, the museum's official Weibo issued a book donation proposal, saying that a public welfare Cangyang study room was built near the museum to provide a reading book for the teenagers in the village. The place for writing, the study has been built, but there is still a lack of books. All walks of life are urged to donate books to the Cangyang study, light up the lights in the study, enrich the books on the shelves, and let the children travel in the ocean of knowledge.

  "After the initiative was issued, some people started donating books, but the amount was not large." The staff said that after Ding Zhen became popular, fans learned that he used to work as a guide in this museum and sent more books to Litang.

  Every day, couriers from all over the country continue to be sent to the museum, and Ding Zhen’s colleagues are almost becoming porters.

A female colleague smiled and said, “I take hundreds of express delivery every day, and my hands are worn out. Ding Zhen has to let him treat him when he comes back.” According to the

  staff, Litang County will build Cangyang study rooms in more villages in the future. The children have places to read books and do homework, and there are volunteers for tutoring.

At the same time, books sent by fans will be requisitioned so that more children can read.