[Explanation] Recently, the topic that Li Qinglong, a veteran born in the 90s, worked as an organizer in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, with a monthly income of over 10,000, which has attracted the attention of netizens.

After leaving the army in September 2020, Li Qinglong began to work as a finishing division.

Before stepping into this industry, he realized that the execution ability of soldiers and the experience of organizing internal affairs should be very suitable for this job.

  [Concurrent] Finisher Li Qinglong

  I learned about this industry through the self-media platform.

At that time, I saw that when the tidier went to the client’s house to do tidying services, the working standards were very high. I thought of our soldiers tidying up the house when they were in the army. Our working standards may be higher than theirs.

So I feel that if soldiers are discharged from the army, if they engage in this industry and do this, they may be able to do better than them.

  [Explanation] After becoming popular, Li Qinglong realized that many people did not understand the group of organizers in the face of various comments made by netizens.

  [Concurrent] Finisher Li Qinglong

  Maybe others think that in the finishing industry, most of the practitioners are women and they are relatively older, but this is not the case.

As far as I know, most of our current practitioners in this industry are actually young people.

Take the team where I am now. All of our team are "post-90s" and 70% are men.

  [Explanation] After stepping into this industry, Li Qinglong discovered that the job of a finishing engineer is not only to organize on-site, but also to design a finishing plan in advance and help customers develop an awareness of finishing.

  [Concurrent] Finisher Li Qinglong

  In addition to storage, we will also carry out a re-planning of the space in the customer's home, and may even involve renovation, which can make his home layout more reasonable and scientific.

We will also teach the customer some knowledge of tidying up during the process of tidying up, or when we finish tidying up, as well as some tips for storage, so that after we have done an in-depth tidying up, customers can do some daily routines maintain.

It's not a one-time sorting service that everyone thinks.

  [Explanation] In order to become a qualified organizer, this "post-90s" guy has made a lot of effort.

Because of hard work and high professional quality, Li Qinglong began to emerge in the team.

  [Concurrent] Finisher Li Qinglong

  When I first started working in this industry, because I was a boy, most of the customers I met were probably women. When I organized some clothing and cosmetics in their homes, it was my biggest difficulty because of the problems with some items. Cognition is a blind spot.

I will use my spare time to collect information on the Internet for self-study, and I will also take notes.

In my spare time, I will go to some women's clothing stores or cosmetics stores by myself to learn more.

  [Explanation] Today, Li Qinglong also runs his own self-media account and has more than 200,000 fans on the Internet.

  [Concurrent] Finisher Li Qinglong

  Because many people like to watch short videos now, I hope that through the short video platform, more people can see and understand the storage and organization industry, and learn more storage tips.

Be able to learn to organize your own home so that more families can have a clean and refreshing home.

  [Explanation] In response to some netizens’ suspicion that Li Qinglong as a finishing division earns more than 10,000 yuan a month, Li Qinglong confessed that his income does not just depend on the service fee for door-to-door finishing.

  [Concurrent] Finisher Li Qinglong

  In fact, our own source of income is composed of multiple parts. We can organize door-to-door services (income). We have door-to-door delivery services and can sell some storage supplies for customers.

We are also doing online and offline organizer training courses, and we also carry out some storage supplies through our media.

  [Explanation] As a veteran and organizer, the items in Li Qinglong's home are very neat, and the quilts are also folded into "tofu pieces."

Li Qinglong said that the experience of joining the army has greatly helped his current career development, and he hopes that he can help more comrades in arms in the future.

  [Concurrent] Finisher Li Qinglong

  Recently, I have received a lot of inquiries from my comrades in arms. They also want to work in this industry. I hope I can help them more.

In the future, we plan to form a team of finishing divisions composed of specialized veterans. I also hope that more veterans can join the industry of finishing divisions.

  Chen Xuanbin reports from Chengdu

Editor in charge: [Sun Jingbo]