The Japanese government will strengthen border measures for the new coronavirus from the 14th, and require all Japanese and foreigners with a status of residence to wait at home for 14 days and save location information on smartphones. I decided.

If you do not respond, your name may be announced or your status of residence may be revoked.

In principle, the government will completely restrict the entry of foreigners, including business people, from the 14th, and will use public transportation for all Japanese and foreigners with a status of residence for 14 days after entering the country. Instead, we are asking for a pledge to wait at home or at accommodation.

In addition, it is also required to save the location information with the GPS function of the smartphone and present it when requested by the health center.

If you violate these pledges, you may be detained in accommodation provided by the quarantine station.

Furthermore, in addition to disclosing your name and nationality, foreigners may be subject to revocation of their status of residence or deportation.

If you do not submit the pledge, the quarantine station will ask you to wait 14 days at your accommodation.