The Jordanian star believes that "Corona" is not an excuse for presenting TV series

Saba Mubarak: My absence from Egyptian drama is not my will

Saba Mubarak: Because of "Corona", many people turned to the electronic platforms that spread ferociously and forcefully.


With the ambition of a comprehensive star, the Jordanian artist Saba Mubarak moves between acting, directing and producing, to prove that she can play all the roles, in front and behind the camera, to succeed in leaving her imprint in the art scene, whether in her country or in the Arab art capital Cairo, through

Distinguished participations in several series, foremost of which are: “The Bedouin Guard of the Mountain”, “Afrah Al-Qobba”, “Al-Ahed”, “Hikayat Banat” and “Taya”.

At the outset of her dialogue with "Emirates Today", Saba Mubarak confirmed that her absence for almost two years from the Egyptian drama was not voluntary, due to commitments and other artistic works, whether in acting or production, adding that the "Corona" crisis is innocent of the series that were sub-par, and presented on Hurry up during the last period.

Regarding her latest work, "The Guardian of the Mountain," Saba explained that it is a Gulf work written by Hazem Faddah and directed by Saed Al Hawari, and a group of Arab stars participated in its starring. “The work represents a return to the Bedouin drama that I love, after an absence, and I loved this series very much and my character. in it;

Because I offer a role that I have not played before, and this was my bet from the beginning. ”

She pointed out that «the work was full of challenges;

She embodied a knight named Rimal, who is very distinct, and a strong woman who belongs to one of the Bedouin tribes, and that knight appeared in a year called the Year of Death, during which the region witnessed very difficult conditions such as hunger, disease and drought, and these things led to what is called a war of survival, so wars and invasions took place. ».

She pointed out that after reading the script the first time, she was impressed with the character, and felt that she was facing a unique historical work that deals with an unused dramatic period.

Almost dream

On her preparations for the character of a Bedouin and Persian woman and a warrior at the same time, she explained: “It was almost a dream for me, and I wondered a lot how I would present all these things and train to be highly persuasive to everyone and to myself in the beginning, and as I said the work in itself is a challenge for me so I accepted despite the risk , And I had to deal with myself as a warrior who deals with swords, horses, battles, desert and adventures, and I started with the actual preparation by riding horses and training in fencing and carrying swords and daggers.

Regarding her fears about the role despite the preparations, the Jordanian star admitted: “Indeed, I had great concern about the reaction of the audience, and would he accept the appearance of a knight who rides horses and carries swords and dances out men in the desert? This role is strange to Arab women, art and Arab drama in general, but I do not I am afraid of a new and rich role, and I must be courageous to accept challenges that may be unique in my artistic life, and that is why I forgot everything and presented the role on the condition that I deliberately made the character spontaneous and natural so that the audience would believe it, as I deliberately appeared to be solid and strong with the strength of men themselves in wars to be Compelling".

"I lived a period of horror, in addition to extreme exhaustion in filming until the show of the series, and thank God that the role liked people, and the series achieved great success, and here I felt happy to present a scary, adventurous, hard and fun work at the same time."

Regarding the challenges of the Corona crisis while filming the "Mountain Guard", where the first wave of the virus was the culmination, which caused many difficulties for the work family, Saba said: “We suffered many difficulties during filming, especially since it was almost completely in light of the spread of the pandemic that attacked everyone around It affected us and aroused anxiety in our souls, and the horror of fear of infection and suspicion in the surroundings is sufficient, and we had to take all precautionary measures, including sterilization and spacing, and we also had to pressure time in photography and adhere to accuracy in decorations, scenes and details, in addition to the precautionary measures that were Sometimes we are forced to repeat ».

As for the artistic works that appeared inferior recently, due to the crisis of "Corona" and the need to change scenes and replace events, so that the series can be completed in any way before it is shown. Saba Mubarak considered that, "Unfortunately, the virus caused the presence of works that are deplorable or easy-going, and ( Corona) has indeed affected the lack of accuracy, haste, and unreasonable divergence between the characters, but it is not responsible for the existence of completely weak works, and in my opinion we should not completely blame (Corona) for having substandard works or some shoddy works canned.

She pointed out that the only positive aspect about quarantine and sitting at home during the pandemic “was an opportunity for content makers, because people are watching with great focus, and unfortunately they noticed a lot of defects in several works .. and because of (Corona), many people may have turned to the benefits of electronic platforms that have spread ferociously and strongly. And achieved unprecedented success to the extent of displaying global works of major stars on the screens of the platforms ».

Saba has been absent for about two years from the Egyptian drama since the series “Taya” with the artist Amr Youssef, and about this absence and whether she boycotted the Egyptian drama, she said, “I cannot boycott the Egyptian drama or be willingly away from it. Certainly there are unintended reasons for the absence. I love her, as It brought me very close to the Egyptian and Arab audiences, and after the success of (Taya) I hoped to be present with a strong work, but I was busy and associated with some work in time, such as producing the series (Obour) about refugees in Jordan, in addition to my films (Girls of Abdel Rahman) and (Amira), and this The only reason for my absence from Egyptian art is finally, but I am preparing for some works, as I am reading a number of scenarios now.

No red lines

Saba Mubarak said about the red lines and her method of choosing roles between cinema and television: “There are no red lines other than quality, distinction and difference in the role, and what matters to me in choosing the role is the nature, quality and difference of the role, and will it affect my career and add to the stock of my dramatic characters, and will it present I have a fulfillment and a feeling, regardless of whether it is television or cinematic.

Based on this rule, I choose the most appropriate and best role from among those presented to me. Certainly there are important technical and professional conditions such as work team, script, production and colleagues.

"The Mountain Guard series prompted me to train in horseback riding and fencing."

"Unfortunately, the virus has caused work that is depressing or diarrhea."

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