A house destroyed in the bed of the Vésubie -

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Generosity at an unprecedented level.

The Secours populaire carried out a “record” collection for the benefit of those affected by the storm which grieved the Alpes-Maritimes three months ago.

The total amount is around 1.5 million euros thanks to "the raffle organized by Julien Doré" and "support from companies and individuals", said Wednesday the secretary general of the local federation, Jean Stellittano.

The initiative of the singer in love with Saint-Martin-Vésubie brought in 932,470 euros.

The Secours populaire received in addition, this Wednesday, a check from Radio France for 22,110 euros, the product of an auction of objects having belonged to sportsmen.

Needs still over two years

However, "we are far from the mark because every day we discover new situations", nuance Jean Stellittano.

"The needs are at least 2 million euros for the next two years," said the manager.

More than 500 individuals have already received food or material aid from Secours populaire to re-equip themselves with household appliances, pay for temporary relocation, an electricity bill, etc.

Entrepreneurs are also supported.

“The Secours populaire does not distribute money, it collects it and pays bills based on identified needs,” underlined Henriette Steinberg, secretary general of the national federation.

The floods of October 3, 2020 left nine dead, nine missing and caused two billion euros in damage in the valleys of Vésubie and Roya, in particular.


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