“Love is in the meadow”: Who are the twelve farmers in season 16?


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Love is in the meadow


M6 will launch the sixteenth season of its flagship program on Monday, February 1 with the first part of the portraits of the candidates.

This season, twelve farmers are looking for great love across France, but not only!

For the first time, Jean-Daniel, a 53-year-old winemaker, and Paulette, a 62-year-old donkey breeder, will bring their emotions to life from Switzerland.

The two Swiss will not be the only novelty of this season 16, also marked by the candidacy of a lesbian farmer.

Delphine is 47 years old, she is an organic arborist and lives in Occitanie.

The 40-year-old became aware of her homosexuality at 25 and had two love stories in her life.

It was also Patricia, with whom she had a twelve-year relationship, whom she presented as her cousin, complexed by a sexuality she knew nothing about, who pushed her to register for the show.

Farmers with an atypical look

The youngest candidate of the coming season is called Valentin.

Aged 27, he is a producer of edible flowers and a market gardener in Brittany.

With his beard, his tattoos and his 1.95m from head to toe, the young man will not go unnoticed.

Karine Le Marchand will therefore try to find love for the one who has only known one relationship.

The host will also come to the aid of Hervé "Le Picard", 42 years old and breeder of dairy cows in Hauts-de-France.

Still living with his parents, this bachelor will confide without embarrassment about his virginity, he who is ready to leave the family cocoon.

In total, these nine men and three women, aged 27 to 62, whose photos can be seen in the video accompanying this article, come with the hope of breaking away from the loneliness they face.

For this, they will each have about fifteen minutes facing Karine Le Marchand to make the flame of their future suitors sparkle on the other side of the screen.


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