It was found that a man in his 80s with an underlying illness living in Tokyo died after being infected with the new coronavirus because he could not find a hospital and his symptoms worsened during home medical treatment.

In Tokyo, there are cases where the hospitalization destination cannot be found immediately due to the increase in patients, and the city says, "If we were able to be hospitalized properly, we might not have caused such a situation."

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government revealed on the 13th that a total of 13 men and women who were confirmed to be infected died, of which men in their 80s and women in their 50s were taken to a medical institution because their condition deteriorated during home medical treatment. It means that he died although he was killed.

Of these, a man in his 80s had an underlying illness of diabetes, and after being found positive on January 7, symptoms such as fever worsened on the following day, 8th.

As a result, the health center coordinated hospitalization but could not find an acceptable medical institution.

The health center reported that the man's symptoms had temporarily eased, and he was treated at home, but the man died on January 11 after his symptoms worsened again. is.

In Tokyo, there are cases where hospitalization destinations cannot be found due to the increase in patients, and the city said, "Men have underlying illnesses, and if they were properly hospitalized, this situation might not have occurred. In the future, there are risks. I want to make adjustments so that expensive people can be hospitalized as much as possible. "