National Health Commission: The Spring Festival Transport will become the "big test"


epidemic prevention and control.

29 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities have advocated "Chinese New Year in situ", will you stay?

  At the State Council’s Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism press conference held on the 13th, in the face of the severe and complex prevention and control situation, many experts said: The Spring Festival is approaching and the flow of people between urban and rural areas is increasing, and the grassroots defense line of the epidemic must be strengthened.

  According to the spokesperson of the National Health Commission, Mi Feng, according to the local sporadic cases and clusters reported in many places in the country, the new crown pneumonia epidemic has a long duration, a wide range, a fast transmission speed, an older patient, and a high proportion of rural areas. Characteristics: community transmission and multi-generation transmission have appeared in some places, and the prevention and control situation is complex and severe.

  "The Spring Festival Transport is a'big test' facing the current epidemic prevention and control." Wang Bin, Inspector of the National Health Commission's Disease Control Bureau, said that compared with urban areas, most rural areas have weak medical conditions and relatively weak prevention and control capabilities. This brings challenges to the prevention and control of the epidemic in rural areas.

  Wang Bin called on the general public to try their best to avoid unnecessary trips during the Spring Festival. If they must travel, they must pay attention to traffic and tourism information, pay attention to peak trips, and protect them throughout the entire journey, and try to avoid crowded places.

Don't panic once you have suspicious symptoms. Be sure to wear a mask and go to the nearest medical institution.

  As of January 12, 29 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities across the country have advocated "Chinese New Year in situ".

Whether or not to go home during the New Year has sparked heated discussions among countless people.


users to discuss "local New Year" "understand the difficulties of epidemic prevention and control."

  Netizens expressed their understanding of "Chinese New Year in situ", but also "complex mood."

Some netizens said, "Chinese New Year in situ is for the safety of the family", "understand the difficulties of epidemic prevention and control", and "as long as the love is there, there is a taste of the year".

Some netizens also said, "I understand the truth, but I still want to go home." "If I can take a break on May Day, then I won't complain if I don't go home." "Let's wait and see."

  As of 15:00 on January 11, 29 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities have proposed to celebrate the New Year on the spot.

Beijing was the first country in the country to put forward the "New Year's Day" initiative.

Many provinces have issued initiatives, with the main content being that migrant workers “not return to their homes if they are not necessary”, local residents “not going to the provinces if they are not necessary”, “all enterprises and institutions leave their jobs and return to their hometowns, and implement flexible vacation systems”.

  In order to make "New Year's on the spot" more convenient, more fulfilling and more enjoyable, many places and departments "want to be in front" and "full of sincerity".

Railway departments and major airlines have recently launched free refund and change services; the CDC has created a safe activity space for citizens through circulation; some cities in Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong and other provinces have proposed encouraging companies to issue “red envelopes for staying on the job” to improve Meal conditions, arranging cultural tourism activities and other measures... Of course, follow-up safeguards such as the demand for New Year’s greetings and material supply during the Spring Festival still require more detailed services. The government, enterprises, and communities need to work together to solve the needs of the people so that the initiative can Landing.

  The Spring Festival has never been a trivial matter for Chinese people. People who have been working hard for a year look forward to reuniting with their families on this festival.

However, the prevention and control of the epidemic must not be slack, and only by being careful from beginning to end can it fail to fail.

"Celebrating the New Year in situ" is to protect the health of oneself, family members and the whole society, and to better reunite in the future.


red envelopes, to pay the rent, food, accommodation these "to keep people" move very warm heart

  In order to reduce the risk of epidemic prevention and control caused by population movement, and at the same time stabilize enterprise production, relevant departments in many places across the country have recently introduced measures to encourage enterprises to retain employees during the Spring Festival.

Some companies also responded positively by issuing red envelopes, paying rent, including food and lodging, sending traffic... and sincerely leave employees for the New Year.

  The reporter recently visited related companies in Zhejiang, a major province of employment.

Hangzhou Donghua Chain Group Co., Ltd., located in Yuhang District, Hangzhou, has more than 2,400 employees, of which non-local employees account for more than 80%.

  Liu Donggen, deputy general manager of the company's management department, introduced that since 2021, the company has strengthened the storage of epidemic prevention materials and the control of personnel entering and exiting on the one hand, and on the other hand, it has responded to the call and launched practical recruitment to encourage employees to spend the New Year in Hangzhou.

  "We have prepared supermarket shopping cards for all employees, and will also distribute Chinese New Year red envelopes and start-up red envelopes before and after the holiday. On the second day of the Lunar New Year, employees who stay in Hangzhou for the New Year will also be issued New Year goods to congratulate the New Year." Liu Donggen said, Chinese New Year In the working days before and after, the various business divisions of the group will also provide employees with additional work subsidies to make them more motivated to spend the New Year in Hangzhou.

  Ye Guodong, a 45-year-old assembler, had to return to his home village for the New Year in previous years. This year, he and his wife discussed plans to stay in Hangzhou for the New Year.

"Going back to my hometown is definitely more'New Year's taste', but there are still risks along the way. In case of a situation, isolation is even more difficult. It is also very convenient now. You can make a phone call or pay a New Year greeting on a video." Ye Guodong said. He will consider returning to his hometown on a staggered peak at the right time in the next year.

  There is still some time before the Spring Festival, but Yang Mingming, a native of Shaanxi, has already received the Spring Festival goods early.

After deciding to stay in the company for the New Year, he received beef jerky, fermented bean curd, native chicken and bacon sent by his parents from his hometown in Hanzhong.

"Whether it is life or epidemic prevention, we feel that the company's protection is in place, and there is no inconvenience to stay and live." Yang Mingming said with a smile.

  "It is expected that the company's expenditures during the Spring Festival this year may increase by 30%. However, the purpose of retaining employees for the New Year is to better produce and increase the stability of employees. We think this money is worth spending." Liu Donggen said, according to the latest model, Dong Hualian currently has more than 1,200 non-local employees willing to stay in Hangzhou for the New Year, and the number of employees who are willing to stay in Hangzhou for the New Year is still increasing. For this reason, the group headquarters and various business departments have arranged a team of more than 50 people to coordinate and ensure the retention of employees. Hang's work and life.

  In addition to material care, some companies also pay attention to the spiritual life of their employees.

In order to allow employees staying in Hangzhou to "have a place to go" during the Spring Festival, Hangzhou New Hope Shuangfeng Dairy Co., Ltd. specially built a sports room and a leisure room in the employee dormitory.

  "This year, 70% of our employees took the initiative to choose to spend the New Year in Hangzhou. Everyone understands this well. We will try our best to arrange a break for employees after the new year to make up for the regret of not being able to return home for the New Year." Hangzhou New Hope Shuangfeng Dairy Co., Ltd. General Manager Yan Yanrong said.

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immediate comment

keep people on the New Year "strength" closer to sincerity

◎ Jiang Jing Jing

  To guide the "New Year's on the spot", various places frequently resort to moves.

Move with emotion, know with reason.

"I won't go home for the holidays this year and stay at the company to earn money." "Rather than returning home to isolate for 14 days, it is better to stay and earn an extra four to five thousand." It's really rough.

The overall situation is important for epidemic prevention and control.

The "fancy" staying in various cities for the New Year can be considered a lot of thought and thoughtfulness.

  An obvious reason is that the large-scale movement of people across regions during the Spring Festival will inevitably increase the risk of the spread of the epidemic.

Based on the consideration of cutting off the chain of virus transmission, it is reasonable to call for "Chinese New Year at work" and "reduce travel".

Several provinces have introduced measures to advocate "Chinese New Year in situ", which is also a manifestation of the implementation of territorial responsibilities and unity of anti-epidemic forces.

Everyone knows "retaining people", but the specific "how to stay" is ultimately a technical job.

The simple and rude "remaining" and "remaining hard" must be unpopular.

Only by keeping people with sincerity and ability can people stay and pay attention.

  It should be said that the current situation of "joint efforts to retain people" has taken shape.

  "Celebrate the New Year in situ", if you can prepare carefully and manage with your heart, then this year can be a good and wonderful year.

"Economic leverage" is by no means all about retaining people for the New Year.

More importantly, we must do a good job in the supply of materials and service guarantees in the city during the Spring Festival, create a strong festive atmosphere, and provide diverse cultural entertainment.

"Celebrating the New Year in situ" is not simply repeating the model of "anti-epidemic at home" at the beginning of 2020, but to create conditions and do everything possible to satisfy the public's imagination and expectations for the "Nian" in the current era of normal epidemic prevention.

  How many people can voluntarily "stay for the New Year"?

"What kind of year will you have after letting people stay?"

This is actually a surprise test of the public governance capabilities of various cities.

We will wait and see if we can hand in a satisfactory answer sheet!