Britain's Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton traveled to Scotland last month despite warnings from the Scottish government, according to emails from government officials in the hands of British media.

The couple was asked in advance by, among others, the office of Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon not to come by, because the Scots were urged to avoid unnecessary travel.

There were no restrictions at the time the emails were sent, but when William and Kate arrived in Edinburgh on December 7, only necessary travel across the border was allowed.

Several Scottish politicians were already critical of the couple, who during their three-day trip in addition to Scotland also stopped at locations in England and Wales to thank front-line workers for their contribution to the fight against the corona virus.

For example, some wondered whether the trip could be seen as work and as necessary.

William and Kate were also criticized last month for a visit to Prince Edward and his wife Sophie.

At that time, the couple did not adhere to the applicable corona rules and took a walk outside with too large a group.